The Trump campaign is accusing Ted Cruz of playing dirty politics in Colorado by grabbing all the delegates over the weekend. But in fact, it may just be that Donald Trump got out-hustled.

Much has been made about how effectively Cruz has used the ground game in the campaign – a ground game that most recently helped the Texas senator win all 34 GOP delegates in Colorado. That result – which came about without a traditional primary vote – has fueled the ire of the Trump campaign, which has accused Cruz of using “Gestapo tactics.”

“There was no voting [in Colorado]; I didn’t go out there to make a speech or anything,” Trump said on FOX Sunday morning. “I heard [Fox & Friends co-host Pete Hegseth] say that’s the way it is. Well, that really shouldn’t be the way it is.”

And his spokesman Paul Manifort on NBC’s Meet the Press: “We’re going to be filing several protest, because the reality is they’re not playing by the rules.”

In response, Cruz said yesterday that Trump is doing “a lot of whining” over the sweep in Colorado, offering this direct remark to his rival: “Donald, it ain’t stealing when the voters vote against you. It is the voters reclaiming this country and reclaiming sanity.”

Rules are rules

While some may argue Cruz acted unethically or outside the rules, Sandy Rios, director of governmental affairs at the American Family Association, says the senator simply outsmarted his rival in the Colorado caucuses.

“They have smartly looked at the rules,” she offers. “They have sent people into all 50 states [and] organized their movement – and because of that, they have understood the various quirky rules in every state. And they have worked within those rules to gather as many delegates that they can.”

Rios, who has personally endorsed Cruz, says Trump hasn’t developed the ground game one needs to win the delegates in an electoral process.

“The rules may need to be changed. The process may not be what it should be,” she admits. “But it is not that Ted Cruz has cheated or behaved like the Gestapo; it’s that he has outsmarted Donald Trump … and his people in the right way.”

Rios says while many people have been drawn to Trump because of his charisma, it isn’t good enough to just be popular with public. She made her comments Monday on American Family Radio.

A Colorado delegate who spoke with OneNewsNow says the charges leveled by the Trump camp are just untrue. “That’s a process that I think needs to be improved,” says Jim Keen, “but it’s a process that’s been in place since well before this presidential cycle started.”

Keen was a state delegate who had been lobbied by the Cruz camp for months. “A lot of that stuff came on e-mail – and then at the different meetings people would have flyers and be going around saying Hey, I want to be a delegate. Would you vote for me?

“I think I may have had a couple of people send me emails beforehand saying Vote for me because I’m supporting Donald Trump.”

Asked why Trump seemed to be absent from the Centennial State, Keen replies: “I think he’s busy in New York. I don’t know why that might be.”

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