The good people of this nation are universally appalled at the atrocities daily being committed in our midst. From the looting, arson and even murder, to the abhorrent and perverse “moralizing” we’re being fed from every leftist Democrat venue, it is inarguable that right and wrong have been totally reversed. Those who commit vile actions are being lauded, while opposition to them, in the name of law, order, and even common decency, are castigated and condemned.

The situation continues to deteriorate, and has reached dangerous levels. It is no exaggeration to warn that if something decisive isn’t done to turn back the evil tide, we can eventually pass a point of “No Return,” which is precisely the malignant intention of the left. They have been dragging the nation relentlessly to this place for decades. Consider a few examples of just how outrageous they have become.

Consider how all of the leftist insanity and lawlessness of the past several months, including actual murders of innocent people, can somehow be totally sidestepped by leftist Democrat politicians and their Fake News minions. Yet they drip with sanctimony as they refer back to a comparatively minor clash in Charlottesville Virginia from three years ago, which they deliberately mischaracterize as an “unprovoked attack” by “white supremacists.

Along the same lines, while the unspeakable assaults and killings of innocent people by leftists in recent months just aren’t deemed newsworthy, the McCloskys of St. Louis are demonized for merely brandishing guns to ward off the antifa mob. And of course, the lowest of the low, we are told, is Kyle Rittenhouse who eventually had to defend his very life from swarming antifa punks by opening fire on them.

Leftists have now totally hijacked professional sports, and plan to use events no longer as occasions for Americans to enjoy the competition between their favorite pro teams. Rather, any excitement of seeing teams compete will be subjugated to an onslaught of leftist race groveling and pandering, with messages occurring everywhere from the end zones and giant TV screens to jerseys and helmets. These agenda driven messages are being presented as universal “truth.” And that’s just the beginning.

Government institutions and major corporations have gotten onto the bandwagon, asserting the “values” of the leftist counterculture as if they are unassailable. Meanwhile, the First Amendment protections of free speech and religious belief are increasingly marginalized. If not confronted, this trend will only continue to escalate. It is dangerously naive to presume it will somehow dissipate on its own. Evil simply does not operate that way.

So how when and how did America get to such an detestable place, where the equality of all has been replaced by overtly anti-white bigotry, and capitalism supplanted with socialism, with even the least objection to such things excoriated as virtually being criminal? The sad truth is that the stage was being set for this over a span of decades, in the absence of any opposition.

Nor are these moral outrages confined to issues of race or economics. In fact, the primary perpetrators are white leftists, who have found willing accomplices among the “racial grievance” crowd. Their real goal is not to elevate or improve the lives of blacks in any manner, but to exploit them, along with any others who are sufficiently gullible to believe them, in an effort to totally destroy every precept of “traditional” (read: Judeo-Christian) morality in order to supplant it with the hideous ideology of Marx.

The strategy of Marx relies on convincing enough people of its benign and even benevolent nature to allow it an equal footing with the sane principles of a free society. From that vantage point, it continually asserts itself, at the expense of those freedoms and principles. In America, this onslaught was put into “overdrive” by the insidious tactics of Saul Alinsky, as outlined in his infamous “Rules for Radicals.” An unsuspecting America has been ceding ground to this loathsome duo ever since.

However, the good news is that the success of this cancer on our society is by no means guaranteed. Even at this late stage, a resolute and principled opposition can lay waste to it. But Americans must begin by rejecting every precept of leftist “moralizing,” which completely is situational and intended only to advance the agenda. With even a cursory bit of reasoned questioning, the entire phony leftist moral construct collapses. But it is essential that our side engages the leftist enemy with assurance of what is right.

This is not difficult to do, as long as one recognizes and sidesteps the pitfalls and snares of the leftist Marxist/Alinsky strategy. Real determinations of right and wrong are wholly incompatible with leftist “moralizing” and cannot be reconciled to it. No common ground exists between the two. The reflexive leftist response of labeling such truth as “extremist” is wholly predictable. But it is just a tool of the enemy for leverage and manipulation.

Ultimately, while it is crucial for President Trump to win re-election in November, doing so will only be one necessary step towards reclaiming America. The legal and moral basis for determining the nation’s future cannot be left in the hands of current day leftists. Nor can it merely be rolled back a few months, to the time before the latest round of chaos and lawlessness began.

The good people of America, who still know right from wrong and have not been polluted by the leftist counterculture must begin to once again unambiguously reassert such things, and without attempts to water down the truth in hopes of making it “palatable” to the leftist counterculture. Real America must steadfastly face down the accusations and negative labels, speak the truth with no hesitancy, and use every critical response as an opportunity to reaffirm what is right.

In such a social/political environment, the initial rage and contrived hysteria of leftists will quickly reflect directly back on them, and their efforts to advance their agenda under a cloak of deceit will fail. We can win this. But only if we fight intelligently and with the courage of our time-tested and time-honored convictions.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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