One organization dealing with persecuted Christians will be working beyond any deadlines to rescue Christians from Afghanistan.

An estimated 1,200 Christian families are in Afghanistan, totaling 5,000 to 8,000 individuals. Flying from Kabul is no longer possible for most Afghans, because the Taliban forbids them to board the planes that are evacuating Westerners unless they have the right approvals. But many Afghan Christians are crossing borders overland into neighboring countries.

The England-based Barnabas Fund, a ministry that works to provide hope and aid for the persecuted Church, from Christians, to Christians, through Christians, is working around the clock to help Christians leave the country as the Taliban takes over. The organization is in direct contact with 306 Afghan Christian families, or around 2,000 individuals.

“We are currently assisting about 400 Afghan Christians (men, women and children) who have recently escaped into a neighbouring country,” the website states. “We are caring for another 400 still in Afghanistan. We are also preparing to enable 1,200 to get out of Afghanistan and into safe countries.”

Spokesman Patrick Sookhdeo tells American Family News they are intimately involved in helping the Christians, first in supporting those who are still hiding in Afghanistan.

“Secondly, we are supporting the living costs of Christians who have recently got out of Afghanistan to neighboring countries,” he continues. “Thirdly, we are currently looking at funding flights for Christians to travel outside of the region — in other words, to relocate them.”

The Barnabas Fund will also be helping them with relocation costs once they arrive in their new home countries. Many Christians, however, will remain in Afghanistan.

“If Taliban does get hold of the Christians, under Sharia law, the men are to be killed and women imprisoned,” Sookhdeo laments. “So, the situation does not look good.”

The deadline for the U.S. is not a deadline for the Barnabas Fund, he adds, and his organization is already negotiating to help a large number of Christians leave. And Sookhdeo says talks with Taliban along the same line will continue after August 31.


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