A tea party activist believes the delayed vote counting in two key states days after the polls close is bad news for Republicans.

Nevada is notoriously slow in reporting election results – and Election Day 2022 was no exception. Three days after Election Day, votes there were still being counted, prompting former President Donald Trump to claim voter fraud was occurring. Finally, over the weekend, the Senate race in Nevada was called in favor of the Democratic incumbent, Catherine Cortez Masto. Her victory over Adam Laxalt, which came after trailing in most of the previous vote tallies, gives Democrats a 50th seat in the upper chamber.

Only one Senate race remains undecided: in Georgia, with a runoff set for December 6 between the Democratic incumbent, Raphael Warnock, and his GOP challenger, Herschel Walker. Should Walker successfully unseat Warnock, the GOP would also have 50 seats – meaning Vice President Kamala Harris would hold the deciding vote in any tie decisions, as she has had since January 2021.

With the Democrats retaining control in the Senate, the issue of late or delayed vote counts has come into the discussion – again. As Tucker Carlson pointed out during a recent broadcast on the Fox News Channel, such vote counts in cities and states run by Democrats led to Democratic wins 77% of the time (10 out of 13). Both Nevada and Arizona, for example, had incumbent Democratic senators facing serious challenges from Republicans, making some observers suspicious of the continued delays in counting. In both of those cases, the Democratic candidate won.

And in Arizona – which was reporting only 93% of the votes had been counted almost one week after Election Day – the governor’s race remains undecided. Only one point separates the two candidates there.

Tom Zawistowski, president of We the People Convention, sees “serious problems” with delays in final vote tallies.

“These elections were not fair – it’s just that simple,” he tells AFN. “It’s not that they can’t – [it’s that] they don’t want to have fair elections, because they can cheat to keep their power.”

Americans need to demand that this end, says Zawistowski. “What’s happened in Arizona is a travesty; no one should allow that. We’ve got serious problems – because it’s highly questionable whether we actually have the right to vote. It’s highly questionable whether that’s true.”

In Zawistowski’s opinion, the only reason for waiting to count mail-in ballots until after the polls close is so those in power know how just many fraudulent votes they need to inject to overturn an election.


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