Sarah Palin has now offered her thoughts on the shootings in Arizona. Since she has been a target of the media and left wing bloggers as somehow being the cause of Jared Loughner’s actions, it was fitting (although unnecessary) that she spoke out and added some common sense to the ridiculous claims that are flying around. When an individual acts, the individual is to blame, not society. Accountability is sorely lacking these days, and Palin reminds us of that in her speech. What do you think?

Each individual is accountable for his actions. Seems like a foreign concept these days. Government is always rushing in to try to cure society’s ills, and in the process, men and women stop being held accountable.

If a woman spills coffee on herself, it must be the restaurant’s fault for making it too hot. If a man slips in front of a store, the store owner is to blame. And if a crazy man, shoots and kills people in a crowd, it must be the fault of Sarah Palin. Come on folks!

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