The case for President Trump is clear. Donald Trump built the strongest economy in our history, throttled back only by a worldwide plague and shutdowns that followed. He is now rebuilding it with great success.

President Trump got rid of disastrous trade deals that hurt both American workers and consumers and replaced them with America First agreements. He kept the nation out of war and fostered peace in some of the world’s most war-torn areas.

President Trump’s record on the economy is unmatched. His tax cuts, coupled with more sensible regulatory policy created more wealth for every American. The wealth gap closed, the American households had significantly more take-home pay, and unemployment reached record lows, especially for minorities. The stock market skyrocketed more than 10,000 points.

Only the pandemic’s shutdowns slowed the Trump economy. But now President Trump’s policies are leading the economy back. Key indicators, from housing starts to consumer confidence are up, there was massive growth in the most recent quarter and all signs point to a robust 2021 if President Trump is re-elected.

Donald Trump kept his promise to keep America out of war. No president in more than half a century has done that. There have been exponentially fewer flag-draped coffins as a result, something we all prayed for.

President Trump followed U.S. law and moved our Israel embassy to Jerusalem, something previous administrations had deliberately failed to do. While the Left howled that doing so would cause all sorts of problems in the Middle East, exactly the opposite occurred.

Thereafter, President Trump brokered a Middle East peace agreement that few thought was possible. More countries are now signing on to that historic agreement. The president has been nominated by other world leaders for the Nobel Prize, something we’ve haven’t heard much about in the media.

One recent study showed that “news” reporting of Donald Trump has been 92% negative.

Joe Biden and his allies in the media have repeatedly blamed every aspect of the Wuhan Flu and our response to it squarely on President Trump. There are certainly folks who have bought into it

The facts tells a much different story.

Early in the pandemic, Dr. Deborah Bird, one of the scientists we’re told to follow, told the world that if we did things “almost perfectly” up to 200,000 people could die in the U.S. She added that their models showed as many as 2.2 million could die, ten times the fatalities that have actually occurred.

President Trump’s response began by imposing a travel ban on China, the source of the virus. Joe Biden called it “xenophobic.”

Trump restocked the nation’s abandoned stockpile of PPE, left bare by Biden and Obama and we mass manufactured ventilators at warp speed, so effectively that there’s now a surplus. His administration developed the most available and advanced testing of any nation and accelerated development of a vaccine. He signed into law the CARES Act which proved much-needed relief to small businesses and individual citizens.

Second guessing and criticizing from the bleachers is easy. But when Joe Biden was on the playing field his record of dealing with a pandemic was a miserable failure. His own chief of staff admits that “it (the H1N1 outbreak) was purely a fortuity that this wasn’t one of the great mass casualties in American history. It had nothing to do with us doing anything right. It had to do with luck.”

Biden’s record on foreign policy is an equally dismal failure. Robert Gates, who served as Secretary of Defense in Obama and Biden’s Administration said it simply “(Biden) has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Enough said.

Joe Biden’s 47 years in public office leave him with little to show. His signature legislation, the infamous Crime Bill, even Biden now admits “was a mistake.”

Biden had more than 40 years and did nothing. Trump’s had less than four and has done so much.

But this election is about the future. What kind of America will we have once the pandemic is a distant memory? Will we have a nation of economic growth, a world at peace and a people united or will be be spiraling downward with socialist policies that bring misery, disunity and strife?

Ultimately it’s a question of how we view America. Is this the greatest nation in the history of civilization and, despite its weaknesses and flaws, a truly exceptional country? Or is it a fundamentally flawed and evil country, mired in systemic racism, dragged down by greedy capitalism and in need of being torn apart and restructured? For those who believe that America is still the “shining city on a hill,” the choice is obvious.

Charlie Gerow is a Republican strategist and CEO of Quantum Communications. He and Democrat Mark Singel write opposite each other every week on PennLive. They are also seen together Sunday mornings at 8:30 on CBS-21\u2032s Face the State.


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