Anthony Weiner may be a convicted felon, a pedophile, a disgusting pervert, a protege of Chuck Schumer — in short, the scum of the earth — but he does deserve our thanks for one thing.

He helped keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

That’s Hillary’s take anyway. Granted, she also points the finger at 50-plus other factors in her upset loss last November. But the man who called himself “Carlos Danger” and “T-Dog” in the sex chatrooms certainly has to be in the top five, along with Vladimir Putin and Donald J. Trump.

The erstwhile “rising star” of New York Democratic politics deserves such a high ranking because in the closing stretch of the campaign he was caught sexting a 15-year-old girl on the same computer that contained some of Hillary Clinton’s emails, thousands of which she had deleted in defiance of a federal subpoena.

Carlos Danger left some vile stuff on that computer, the prosecutors said.

“(He) used graphic and obscene language to ask the minor victim to display her naked body and touch herself, which she did.”

Even a bent cop like James Comey of the FBI had no choice but to reopen the Hillary email “probe,” which he had already broomed, days before the election.

As Hillary began dropping in the polls, Trump announced, “We never thought we were going to ever say thanks to Anthony Weiner.”

So yesterday, Weiner was in federal court in Manhattan to take his medicine. His estranged wife, Huma Abedin, was MIA. He showed up with his mother and a box of Kleenex, which he needed once he began blubbering hysterically in front of the judge

He did the traditional 12-step thing: “One day at a time … I have a disease … .”

Then Carlos started weeping the buckets. But how could he have been surprised? I mean, it’s not like he’s the first Congressman to be relocated to Club Fed. There was Dennis Hastert, the former GOP speaker (he liked little boys, not girls). Then there are Congressional Black Caucus members facing federal charges.

What makes this even more amusing is how much mileage Trump got out of Carlos Danger’s unspeakable crimes, especially the fact that he was married to Hillary’s … whatever.

One day Trump said, “She’s married to a pervert sleaze.” Another time he called Weiner “a sleazeball and a pervert. That’s recorded history.”

I remember reminding Trump one day on the radio that he had once contributed to, among others, the perv known as T-Dog.

“I possibly supported him,” Trump understated, “’cause until he got caught with his stupidity and his sickness, ’cause he is a sick guy, I probably did support him, because you know what, he was going to be the next mayor of New York.”

Remember Gov. Eliot Spitzer — “Client No. 9?” He pleaded guilty to spending tens of thousands of dollars on high-end hookers. He seemed like the absolute bottom of the Democrat barrel, but no!

The alt-left media liked Client No. 9, but they really loved Weiner. Just look at him — he’s the very picture of a modern Democrat. Beady eyes, sweaty palms, unctuous pandering, secret perv life, lie after lie after lie … .

No wonder the mainstream media did everything in their power to save their hero. When he was first busted sexting, Rachel Maddow trotted out six minutes of theories as to how T-Dog could have been “hacked.”

Jeffrey Toobin of CNN said of the initial charges: “This is a lighthearted story, it’s not a big deal. It’s just a silly little thing. On the internet, stuff happens.”

Stuff happens. Hillary’s book blaming Carlos (among many others) for her defeat is titled “What Happened.”

Once he goes to prison in November, maybe Weiner can use the 17 months he’ll actually serve to write his own tome, with a foreword by Rachel Maddow and Jeffrey Toobin.

He can call it, “Stuff Happens.”

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