A state health department is being ridiculed for its recognition of transgender men – biological women – in an otherwise well-meaning public service announcement about cervical cancer.

Any public service announcement that advises women to get a cancer screening would normally be appreciated but the woke Washington Dept. of Health advises “transmasculine persons with a cervix” to visit a doctor and get a check-up.  A LifeSiteNews article says the cancer warning is based on research, because body-altering hormone treatment and lifestyle choices increase the risk of cancer, but it is clear from the online department of health ad the medical warning is directed solely at females who are living as a male.

Aware of the controversy, Brad Payne of the Washington-based Family Policy Institute says health officials deserve the criticism they’re getting for failing to recognize biological reality.

“We continue to stand at the Family Policy Institute on Genesis 5:2, which states that He created them male and female,” Payne tells AFN. “And those are the only two genders that we recognize.”

The current culture is demanding the public recognize 50-plus genders that are completely made up, Payne says, but that “counter-culture” to reality must be confronted with the truth.


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