After receiving food and water from a Texas woman for three days, an illegal immigrant tied her up and attempted to kidnap her before stealing her car.

The abducted woman was spotted walking along a highway after United States Border Patrol agents assigned to the Carrizo Springs Stations in South Texas received a phone call from the Dimmit County Sheriff’s Office asking for assistance. Quickly responding to the call, agents and sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene to help the victim at roadside.

No gratitude …

Once the woman was picked up, she informed federal and local officials that she assisted the illegal alien who had abducted her several days after she first discovered him in her backyard.

According to information obtained by Breitbart Texas that was revealed by its Del Rio Sector Spokesman Dennis Smith, the woman provided the Illegal alien with food and water for three days before he turned on her.

The woman reported that the illegal who she had helped survive in her backyard unexpectedly jumped on her, bound up her hands and feet, and then proceeded to force her into her car. The Texas citizen recounted that while the immigrant tried to start her car, she was able to free herself and run away on foot.

After she had fled, a number of people – who noticed the woman walking along Farm-to-Market Road 1917 with her hands still tied up with rope – called authorities and reported seeing her in a bizarre state.

Once they collected enough clues, officials went on a manhunt – starting at the victim’s home.

“Upon arriving on the scene, the agents and sheriff’s deputies observed footprints leading away from the woman’s home,” Breitbart reported. “The deputies and agents – joined by a K9 unit – began searching for the suspected kidnapper.”

The suspect was discovered shortly afterward.

“Agents eventually came across a man matching the description of the alleged attempted kidnapper lying in the brush,” Breitbart’s Associate Editor and Senior Political News Contributor Bob Price explained. “Agents discovered the man was unconscious and unresponsive. They quickly transported him to a regional hospital.”

It was later found that the apprehended illegal alien was pretending to be in need of medical attention to avoid punishment for his crimes.

“Doctors determined the man to be faking his ‘medical emergency,’” Price continued.

Ready for deportation …

After the suspect’s trickery was exposed, the woman who he had victimized identified him as the one who attempted to kidnap her after staying on her property.

“Deputies arrested the foreign national and charged him with burglary of a habitation, a felony and an additional felony charge of aggravated kidnapping,” Price informed.

Once the accused was charged on several counts, Border Control quickly confirmed that he was in the country illegally.

“Agents identified the man as being in the country without documentation,” the founding member of Breitbart stated. “Immigration officials placed a hold on the suspect to keep him in custody.”

While authorities determine what will be done with the immigrant, he is being detained at the Dimmit County jail in southern Texas. Breitbart noted that neither Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boyd nor the spokesman for the department provided any further information on the suspect when requests were made on Sunday.

“The skill sets of the men and women of the United States Border Patrol are simply incredible,” Acting Chief Patrol Agent Matthew J. Hudak proclaimed in a statement. “Tracking and arresting this subject resulted in the detention of an undocumented alien with a propensity for violence.”


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