It is September, the campaign season is in full swing, candidates are knocking doors and meeting people at public events – and already, I am tired.

I’m tired of hearing how strong our economy is while we are clearly in an inflationary period and, by traditional measures, a recession. Of course, Biden administration “experts” declare that unlimited spending and rising debt actually strengthens our economy. Crushing debt and reckless spending have weakened it instead.

Mortgage interest rates have doubled, and prices for food and gasoline have shot through the roof. Baby formula is still difficult to find, and the supply chain is not yet recovered. Low unemployment numbers touted by Washington don’t account for the massive numbers of workers who have dropped out of the job market, rejecting the instability of so many industries and opting instead for various self-employment service sector ventures.

I’m tired of paying bills that other people ran up with money we don’t have. The New York Times points out the Biden student debt relief plan creates a blueprint for waste, fraud, and abuse by unscrupulous actors. Both schools and students know that in the end, they get the cash, and you and I get the bills.

If President Joe Biden and the Democrats want to pay off debt with their own money, that would be magnanimous indeed. But they want to pay them off with tax dollars – our money. That’s not generous — that’s redistribution.

Safety and security are important to all of us, so I’m tired of being told that law enforcement is dangerous while repeat violent offenders are misunderstood and should be free on no bond. Data shows that strong law enforcement is the best deterrent to crime. More importantly, you know that from your own experience and common sense.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says that the southern US border is secure while thousands of people are crossing illegally into this country every week. When a fraction of those same migrants relocate in New York, Chicago, Washington, or Martha’s Vineyard — Democrat-led sanctuary cities — those leaders are apoplectic.

In Martha’s Vineyard, leaders called Texas and Florida leaders “inhumane” for sending migrants out of their states, then promptly sent them away. These cities claim that the “masses” of migrants are “overwhelming their support systems” and demand that the federal government step in to help.

Good luck with that.

We know the border is clearly not secure. Cities declare sanctuary policies but, when faced with the flood of migrants border states see, cry for help. Excessive government spending has helped create inflationary conditions. Releasing repeat offenders on no bail contributes to more crime. Defunding the police will cause officers to leave, and crime will increase. Walls and fences enhance safety and security, as do armed guards with guns.

Here at home Democrats campaign pledging law and order when elected, yet many marched and supported efforts to defund the police and release violent offenders on cashless bail, calling it “reform.” We see ads implying that Texas is to be blamed for supply chain disruptions, when it’s all due to Biden-Harris administration miscalculations and mismanagement.

Gaslighting is defined as “psychological manipulation…over an extended period of time,” creating questions about “the validity of people’s own thoughts, perception of reality, or memories.” They create “confusion, loss of confidence and self-esteem, uncertainty of one’s emotional or mental stability, and a dependency on the perpetrator.”

I love the flicker of gaslights in the night; it’s mesmerizing, really. But that’s the point, right? There is no rightful place for gaslighting in public discourse, and that’s what we are experiencing. Don’t fall for it, use your common sense, and trust your own judgment.

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