The U.S. attorney general said Tuesday the FBI has failed to uncover evidence of election fraud, a statement that comes at the same time Americans are testifying they witnessed blatant fraud firsthand.

Attorney General Bill Barr made the comments Tuesday to The Associated Press, which surmised that the pronouncement from a dependable ally of President Trump will hurt the president’s effort to prove widespread fraud in key battleground states.

“To date,” Barr told the AP, “we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.”

While the AP predictably played up Barr’s comments, which went viral on the Internet, his statement mirrors much of the media’s election fraud coverage which has regressed from no evidence of election fraud to a lack of enough evidence to overturn the Nov. 3 presidential election.

Responding to Barr’s interview, Trump campaign attorneys released a statement insisting they have gathered “ample evidence of illegal voting in at least six states,” which the Dept. of Justice has not examined.

The statement also says witnesses have come forward and have sworn under oath they observed fraud, but not one of them — “as far as we know” the attorneys state — has been interviewed by the DOJ.

Barr told the AP, however, that FBI agents and U.S. attorneys have followed up on allegations they have received but, according to the AP story, “they’ve uncovered no evidence that would change the outcome of the election.”

USPS driver questions missing trailer

President Trump, meanwhile, was using his official Twitter account Tuesday to publicize GOP-led public hearings in Arizona and Michigan, where eyewitnesses claimed they watched election workers sneakily working on behalf of Joe Biden.

A collection of those first-hand accounts are being collected by the “Team Trump” campaign on its Twitter account and can be viewed here.

In one testimony, a Michigan poll watcher claimed military ballots were being duplicated in favor of Biden. In a similar testimony, a second poll watcher said those military ballots were not registered to vote in the state but were allowed to be included. All the voters were for Biden, she said.

In yet another testimony (see video here), Melissa Carone told lawmakers she was contracted to work as an IT contractor for Dominion and witnessed “complete fraud” unfold over several days of election work.

“There was not a single ballot the whole night, the whole 27 hours I was there, that I saw that was for Donald Trump — not one,” she claimed.

Asked by a state lawmaker if she contacted the Dept. of Justice with her allegations, Carone said she contacted the FBI on Nov. 5, spoke to someone for 40 minutes, but has never been contacted since.

In the state of Virginia, also on Tuesday, a contract driver for the United States Post Service stated at a press conference he drove a tractor trailer in late October filled with ballots during his regular route that begins in Lancaster, Penn. to Bethpage, New York, then to Harrisburg, Penn.

At the Harrisburg postal facility, Jesse Morgan alleged he was made to stay on site for six hours only to finally be instructed by a top supervisor — who never speaks to the contract drivers — to drop his trailer in Lancaster.  So he did, even though the supervisor refused to supply paperwork proving Morgan had waited all day.

“The next day, it just got weirder,” Morgan recounted. “As I arrived at Lancaster, with my tractor [truck], I went to hook up with my trailer and my trailer was gone – not there no more.”

Morgan spoke Tuesday as a witness for The Amistad Project, an election integrity effort started by the Thomas More Society in 2019.

A press release from Thomas More, which can be read here, describes Morgan as a whistleblower who was set to appear along with two others with firsthand claims of election fraud.

The press release claims the legal firm conducted “rigorous on-the-ground investigations” that uncovered evidence of fraud, and that evidence is being used in litigation.

Barr’s interview with the AP, meanwhile, blew up social media. “Never Trump” conservatives such as National Review editor Rich Lowry praised the attorney general, and Newsmax correspondent Emerald Robinson reminded her Twitter followers she had predicted Barr would never pursue charges against the Obama officials involved in the “Spy Gate” scandal against President Trump.


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