Five accused members of the notorious immigrant-formed MS-13 gang laughed and smirked in court while the family of one of the teens they allegedly slayed sternly watched them playfully joke around in their shackles.

Making sport of their grievous murders of best-friend teens Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas from Brentwood, New York, the Central American gang members Jairo Saenz, Enrique Portillo and Alexi Saenz grinned at each other while prosecutors said they are waiting to see whether the U.S. Department of Justice will agree to let them seek the death penalty.

Simply evil

The brutal murders performed in a residential neighborhood by an elementary school near New York City were typical of the carnage that the Salvadorian street gang administers on its victims – and their response to their crimes should reportedly come of no surprise with MS-13’s track record.

“As the American public has unfortunately witnessed time and again, members of the mainly Salvadorian street gang MS-13 are unflinchingly ruthless and evil,” the Daily Wire reported. “On Tuesday, three members accused of murdering two teen girls on their way home from school, laughed and joked around in the courtroom as the family of one of the slain girls looked on in horror.”

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Both of the girls were slain in a horrific manner by the malicious gang members in broad daylight.

“Mickens, 15, and Cuevas, 16, were bludgeoned with a baseball bat and hacked to death with machetes by the men as the girls headed home from school, authorities have said,” the New York Post noted.

The motive behind the murders has been revealed in courtroom proceedings as an act of payback.

“U.S. Attorney Robert L. Capers said the Saenz brothers ordered the killing of Cuevas in retaliation after she called out the gang at school and on social media,” Fox News informed.

Not too funny fate

Having committed approximately 30 murders over the past two years around the Big Apple, the transitional MS-13 gang has been under the radar of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who visited the gang-infested area of New York City’s Long Island suburbs last April, and will have a say in the fates of the three men in the case.

“U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has emphasized the Trump administration’s commitment to combating MS-13, and has allowed prosecutors to pursue any legal avenue to target the gang – although he has not yet stated whether capital punishment is on the table for Portillo and the Saenzes,” Fox News’ Benjamin Brown explained.

Yet, the three remained unfazed over their impending sentencing – at least by their conduct at the Central Islip courthouse as their victims’ parents gave them stern looks.

“Cuevas’ family filed into the Central Islip courthouse Tuesday afternoon, glaring daggers at their daughter’s alleged murderers from the front pew,” the New York Post’s Reuven Fenton and Emily Saul reported.

More to come

The other two MS-13 gang members horsing around in the courtroom are facing charges for their involvement in two separate crimes.

“The alleged gangsters appeared in court alongside fellow MS-13 members Mario Aguilar-Lopez and Jose Suarez, who are charged with killing a rival gang member and injuring a bystander under the same indictment,” Fenton and Saul noted.

The five gang members appeared together as arrangements are being made to determine the details of the proceedings as they move forward.

“Judge Joseph Bianco mentioned during the short hearing he would be willing to oversee a separate trial for Aguilar-Lopez and Suarez, who do not face the death penalty,” Fenton and Saul added. “Lawyers for both men have yet to file motions to sever their clients from Mickens and Cuevas’ accused killers.”

Carnage spreading in the Americas like cancer

Even though the deadly gang formed from criminal immigrants banding together in Southern California several decades ago, its wrath has spread since then to numerous parts of the United States, including New York City and other metropolitan areas along the East Coast – not to mention an array of nations south of the border and the equator.

“MS-13 was started by Central American immigrants, mainly from El Salvador, in Los Angeles in the 1980s, but has since expanded to include several other Central and South American countries,” Brown recounted.


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