The phrase “Methinks thou doth protest too much” has its roots in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, though the modern version is a slight variation from the original. It is meant to convey a recognition of the insincerity of those who transparently grandstand as they attempt to deflect attention from their guilt. As such it is a thoroughly fitting rejoinder to all of the hysterical leftist Democrat derision and condemnation, dutifully echoed by their media parakeets, at the mere mention of the drug Chloroquine as a possible treatment for the Coronavirus/Wuhan flu.

In just the last several days, a seemingly inexplicable pattern has emerged from the murkiness of the Democrat/media propaganda machine. Initially, their efforts were to casually dismiss any discussion of the drug, in hopes that the public would simply ignore the effervescing reports from across the globe of good results from doctors who had used it. But those efforts failed. In a time of crisis, people are predisposed to seeking good news. And as more new reports of success with Chloroquine surface, public interest in it increases on an exponential basis.

The next phase of the anti-Chloroquine movement was to focus on the single incident of an Arizona couple who had ingested fish tank cleaner which they believed to contain Chloroquine. The husband died as a result, which the media gleefully reported. Even more fortunate for them was that the wife laid blame on President Trump, despite the fact that he never advised using such a substance as medication. Still the media and Democrats had their narrative and ran with it, referencing only the Arizona couple in hopes of overshadowing all the positive reports from doctors who had used the actual medication.

Evidence from the real world suggests something drastically different. From Paris to Los Angeles, literally thousands of doctors have asserted that Chloroquine and its associated medications have had by far the best treatment of the Coronavirus. Many are reporting truly stunning results, frequently with 100% cure rates among hundreds of patients, a large number of whom were failing before being administered the drug. Most astonishingly of all, these individuals are often turned back from death’s door to being symptom free within a matter of hours.

This should be great encouraging news to people the world over, as a possible pandemic nightmare purported to be on a scale with the Medieval plague could be turned back, virtually overnight. Calls for the mass production and distribution of Chloroquine might be expected to dominate every political and media venue from coast to coast.

Yet something very surprising and, at first glance, very puzzling happened instead. When its true nature is unmasked, it will be revealed as something hideously ugly. As this likely good news for all decent people has spread, the leftist counterculture, the Democrat politicians that serve it, and the Fake News media lackeys who give them voice have all arisen in unilateral opposition to the drug. Their position is not merely one of smug indifference and disdain, but of open and vehement hostility. The quickest way for any individual to become a target of leftist political and media mockery is to suggest that Chloroquine might possibly help Wuhan flu victims in any manner.

Once the misadventures of the Arizona couple were properly dispelled as irrelevant, the most negative accusation that could actually be leveled against Chloroquine was that it hadn’t been tested thoroughly enough. In essence, the left wanted to halt its use, despite the cost in lives of doing so, on the grounds that government bureaucrats at the FDA hadn’t put their rubber stamps on all the appropriate forms; a process which could take months. As to all of the doctors, worldwide, who are reporting their successes, this is scoffed at by Chloroquine opponents as “anecdotal evidence” that has not been proven beyond any question. Not surprisingly, these are the same people who, when the topic was “global warming,” insisted that amassed scientific evidence had to be subordinated to their vaunted “consensus” which has supposedly been established among politicized members of the scientific community.

On cue, Democrat governors stepped in, directly suppressing use of Chloroquine in their states, even threatening to criminalize its prescription and use by qualified doctors. Next, the word was put out that Chloroquine has a record of “severe side effects.” Fair enough, if significant numbers of those receiving the drug suffered dangerous symptoms attributed to it. However, that has clearly not been the case. In stark contrast, those receiving it have been extremely ill beforehand, some near death. In such a state, a truly hazardous drug regimen might claim some victims, even despite its favorable effects on others. Yet the results from Chloroquine usage have been far more positive than even that. And its track record of safety under normal use goes back to the 1950s.

Lately, in what is clearly a desperate flailing last-ditch attempt to cast aspersions on Chloroquine, Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the show “Morning Jo” on Fake News bastion MSNBC, asserted that President Trump has a financial stake in the drug. But when the actual numbers were ferreted out and calculated, a monetary windfall for the makers of Chloroquine would redound to the billionaire President to the tune of less than five hundred dollars.

So what dark truth lies behind this circus of leftist Democrat and media hysterics and duplicity? The reality is so stark and sinister that it might seem like an empty, overblown accusation, were its proof not evident every time a leftist Chloroquine denier opens his mouth on the nightly news. The entire Chloroquine debate is politically motivated. The lives of those who might be saved by its use, or lost in its absence, hang in the balance of leftist efforts to suppress its worth and its use. The actual well-being of Americans is a distraction and an annoyance to the leftist political agenda.

The current situation is shaping up to be a leftist Democrat “perfect storm,” in which the threats of the Wuhan Flu pandemic, now weighing so heavily on the minds of Americans, might suddenly abate, with American optimism being restored just in time for the 2020 Presidential Election. And that, more than any number of lives lost, is the real concern of the leftist Democrats and their media minions. Their determination to not merely dismiss it, but to venomously oppose it in every respect, proves what an enormous setback its success would be to them.

Far worse, in their eyes, is the prospect that President Trump would not only benefit from the timing of a spring turnaround of the pandemic, but also from the fact that against the “wisdom” of the establishment “experts,” he optimistically touted Chloroquine as having great promise in overcoming the disease.

To date, two Democrat lawmakers from Michigan have been resuscitated from the fatal stages of the virus, after being administered Chloroquine. Both are enthusiastically giving President Trump credit for having promoted its use. This could be the beginning of the Democrat Party’s worst nightmare. It is now up to conservatives and all honest, decent, informed people across America to get the truth out, and to hold accountable every vile person in every official position who sought so obsessively to suppress it.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book “Rules for Defeating Radicals,” subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide to effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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