“You can tell a politician is lying when they claim they want fairness for all. They’re part of and represent an unfair elite who will never share their wealth, power or opportunities with the underclass.” -Stewart Stafford

Conservative Americans have for a long time realized that the majority of their representatives in Congress, in both the House and the Senate, are squishes; men and women without the courage of their stated convictions. They fear the leftist media so much more than they fear their own constituents, for whom it seems they only have contempt. There are exceptions, of course, and we all know who they are: The indefatigable Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Jim Comer, Thomas Massie, Jim Banks, Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor Green, to name a few of the few, fighters all. So far, Kevin McCarthy is doing a fair job as Speaker of the House. But why, oh, why, are even the good ones not gathering together to make a stand against the criminal district attorney of Manhattan? D.A. Alvin Bragg’s pathetic move to indict Trump over a trumped-up charge no other law enforcement agency thought worthy of attention is ludicrous. This is a D.A. who has refused to charge countless violent criminals with felonies, yet has bet his career on charging the former president with a felony that wasn’t.

In April of 2021, then-Department of Justice attorney Michael Sherwin went on 60 Minutes to gleefully explain how the DOJ was going to charge anyone who was present at the Capitol on that day for their dissent.

This DOJ’s malevolent prosecutions of anyone who was there on January 6 has made our country’s legal system something akin to Stalin’s show trials. Now Bragg’s attempt to criminalize Trump is the most classic case of malicious prosecution of an individual to come along in decades. That the Republicans in Congress are letting this happen without a full-throated, united, response is shameful. They should be on the steps of the Capitol vowing to bring the government to a full stop until Bragg is fired for his crime of political prosecution on the flimsiest of evidence.

Biden, an illegitimate president from the outset, should have been impeached for ending our energy independence on day one. He should have been impeached for his ill-fated, murderous, withdrawal from Afghanistan but the Republicans were effectively mute. He should be impeached for his opening the southern border to all comers, over five million people from 160+ countries, at taxpayer expense. He should be impeached for his needless continuation of COVID mandates – masks, lockdowns, vaccines, that have killed thousands, shuttered millions of small businesses, and for his irresponsible spending that kick-started inflation and the banking crisis. And most obvious of all, he should impeached for his long history of influence peddling that has made his family wealthy. He long ago sold his soul and our nation out to China and a few oligarchs in Ukraine. Most of all, Biden should be impeached for allowing the over a thousand peaceful protesters who remain imprisoned in a D.C. gulag without due process.

The Republicans have done nothing to stop this horrific and brutal abuse of power. This administration is reminiscent of Koestler’s novel, Darkness at Noon and yet the so-called constitutional conservatives are eternally submissive to the Marxist left. Their lack of action is disgusting, un-American. It is proof of their passive betrayal.

While long the party of racism, the 21st century Marxist transformation of the Democrat party began in earnest under President Obama. He weaponized the IRS, the FBI, the ATF and DOJ, and spied on the press.

Trump interrupted his plan, and his unexpected victory in 2016 became a crisis for the swamp.

The left was shocked; they had launched the Russia-collusion hoax before the 2016 election and were certain it would prevent his victory. They pulled out every trick in their book to steal the 2020 election.

Consider the damage done by this administration. How do we explain the lack of push-back by Republicans?

Now we all know that D.C. is dominated by the uniparty; men and women who want only to preserve their own status and access to wealth and power.

Like the dupes they are, they’ve fallen for the DEI, ESG, CRT, destructive theories all, along with the climate change hoax. Mitt Romney, John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell, Patrick McHenry, Thom Tillis, Lindsey Graham, etc. RINOs all. They vote with the Democrats much of the time for the worst bills.

Every Republican who voted for the trillion-dollar omnibus bill is an enemy of the people and bears responsibility for the financial meltdown. Every Republican who supports the war in Ukraine and the billions of dollars that has been sent their way is a warmonger, as surely as the proponents of the Viet Nam War and the war in Iraq were warmongers.

War means wealth to the elites in government and that entrenched military/industrial complex that Eisenhower so presciently warned about; that complex is our government.

That’s one reason they hated Trump; he was the only president in memory who did not start a war.

Obviously, the few legitimate, decent representatives of the people in Congress cannot do what a united Republican party could do. The good ones are shouting in the wind. The compliant ones don’t even whisper. If after two years of the Biden national wrecking crew, all those Republicans in Congress cannot rise to fight for their country, then the fight is up to us, the deplorables. We must become more vocal, more active, more angry at the people we’ve elected. From local school boards to state assemblies and senates, to the wastrels in Congress, we have to rise up and fight back.

We need to elect Republicans who mean what they say while campaigning. They, those few sincere folks who make it to Congress, have a rough road to navigate for the uniparty is ruthless; dissent is a crime deserving of punishment, banishment even. But each and every Republican who has not spoken out loudly about the inhuman treatment of the J6 protesters, or Alvin Bragg’s absurd legal harassment of President Trump, does not deserve to be a representative of conservatives who revere the Constitution and the system of justice it lays out for us all.

“The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman think about the next generation.” -James Freeman Clarke.

Far too many Republicans only care about their next election, and not the people they were elected to represent.

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