Another day, another terrorist attack, another feckless U.S. response.

Has the president said yet that, “We may never know the motivations of these individuals?”

And of course he will never, ever describe it for what it is — Islamic terrorism. To do so, we will be told endlessly today, would be to succumb to Islamophobia, and how long before we see the first headline, “Backlash feared by French Muslims.”

Shhhh — none dare call it jihad. At least at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Because “that’s not who we are,” as Obama likes to say.

He told us Fort Hood was “workplace violence.” Orlando was “gun violence.” So is this going to be dismissed as simple road rage?

Who committed this latest atrocity? Let me guess — “a Nice man.” A nice Nice man. Who had recently grown a beard and become “more devout.”

Hey Obama, how’s that “junior varsity” team called ISIS doing?

All the Beautiful People quickly tweeted out their condolences last night — “#Nicestrong.” Or “Je suis Nice.” But they too dare not call it what it is, just as in Orlando, Obama’s Thought Police edited the 911 transcripts of the Muslim killer chanting “Allahu Akhbar!” to “God is great!”

Maybe we need another march of world leaders, arm-in-arm, with some candlelight vigils, and Teddy bears quietly left at the site of the atrocities.

This is one they can’t blame on the National Rifle Association. So is it the fault of the National Truck Association? Can we finally close the truck show loophole?

Hey, Hillary, can you get Sen. Elizabeth Warren to lead a sit-in in the House chambers until we get a vote on Sen. Dick Durbin’s proposal for a seven-day waiting period for truck purchases?

Yes, of course what happened in Nice is horrific, but we must understand their rage — look what happened during the Crusades.

More terrorists must be released from Gitmo — that will convince the “migrants” that we are people of good will.

Long lines at the airport security gates this weekend — Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson will order the TSA to take stern measures against the likely proponents of the next attack, Hindus and 95-year-old grandmothers from Kansas in wheelchairs.

Hillary Clinton will issue a statement: “Once again our thoughts and prayers are with the people of France blah blah blah …”

James Taylor has already received an invitation to join Secretary of State John Kerry in Paris at this weekend’s “You’ve Got a Friend” hootenanny, after which Kerry will fly back to the U.S. for the ribbon-cutting at a new municipal pool in Lowell for some of those wonderful new Arab refugees — “Serious Refugees,” as he called them this week.

FBI Director James Comey will assure the population there is “no credible threat.”

Attorney General Loretta Lynch will caution against a “rush to judgment.”

The so-called intelligence community will tell congressmen at a closed-door hearing that the heinous nature of the carnage indicates that ISIS — er, ISIL, because this is the Obama administration — is actually losing the war.

No bombs, not a single one, will fall today on the ISIS capital of Raqqa. Their power grids will not be destroyed. Their internet service will not be interrupted. Their TV and radio stations will not be bombed. Because we have to forge a “collective” response, you know, and be “smart.”

NPR will run story after story on the background of the “Nice man,” saying that the tousle-haired youth was embittered by the racist taunts he had to endure in grade school, not to mention the “jingoistic” national celebrations like Bastille Day.

Local Protestant clerics will sternly preach in their empty churches that it is time for Christians to “look inward.”

And Donald Trump will continue to widen his lead in the polls, because no one else dares say, “When will we ever learn?”

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