Whenever something — anything — happens, Donald Trump does one of three things, at least according to the mainstream media.

He seizes.

He pounces.

He lashes out.

Just yesterday, for example, he was “lashing out,” according to the Globe, at his crooked lawyer Michael Cohen. But according to The New York Times, he was also “seizing” upon the murder of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts allegedly by an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

A check of recent headlines indicates the president has also been lashing out at Robert Mueller, the “Russia probe,” John Brennan, the Federal Reserve, Dem Jon Tester … I could go on, and on, and on.

Yesterday was a slow day for pouncing, but POTUS will be back at it soon enough. According to a recent Google search, the president has recently pounced on, among other things, Nancy Pelosi, a Justice Department report, a fake-news photo by Time magazine, James Comey’s leaking of FBI documents, newspapers, Omarosa, NATO. …

Trump has even “weaponized” (another of the Dems’ favorite words) a building — 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. As in: White Houses seizes on Iran protests, another CNN error. …

Oddly, while Trump et al. lash out almost hourly, his predecessor, Barack Obama, hardly ever lashes out. No, Obama … rebukes.

Because, you see, Obama is so darned intelligent — knowing that there are 57 states, that they speak “Austrian” in Austria and Arabic in Pakistan, that Syracuse is actually spelled “Syracus.” …

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This seizing, pouncing and lashing has been going on for a while, but with the epidemic known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, it is only growing more pronounced. And it isn’t just Trump doing all the seizing and pouncing and lashing out, it’s Republicans in general.

This headline was in the Times two weeks ago:

“‘Abolish ICE’: How Republicans Seized on a Liberal Rallying Cry.”

Do you see how it works? A Democrat says something stupid, or gets arrested, and the GOP “seizes” upon it.

No matter how obnoxiously, or criminally, a Democrat behaves, the only angle is, well, remember Hillary’s comment in New York during the campaign about Trump supporters being in a basket.

Here was The New York Times headline: “Hillary Clinton Calls Many Trump Backers ‘Deplorables,’ and GOP Pounces.”

This week, the same thing with Tibbetts — Trump seized on the fact that another Mexican illegal immigrant allegedly murdered another American. It works the same way whenever there’s a Muslim terrorist attack. After the Republicans seize the opportunity to pounce and then lash out, the instant follow-up story is headlined:

“Local Muslims fear backlash.”

This is how almost all media coverage works. Democrats good, Republicans bad.

When Democrats are in power, gasoline prices never rise, they only fall, at least in the news coverage. It’s the reverse when Republicans rule. Homelessness was wiped out between 2009 and 2017, at least coverage of it was. Now bums are back, big time, and guess whose fault it is.

For eight years, American drone strikes only targeted “terror bigs.” Once a Republican takes over, suddenly “wedding parties” are being singled out.

You may have heard something this week about certain presidential aides having a problem staying on the right side of the campaign-finance laws.

Back in 2013, Obama’s campaign paid a fine of $375,000 for breaking the law in 2008. Nothing to see here, the media assured us in unison, move along. Obama’s were merely “technical violations,” $375K worth.

Now Trump’s lawyer — not Trump, his lawyer — has pleaded guilty to paying off a porn star $130,000.

It’s not a technical violation anymore, it’s an impeachable offense. Correction, it’s an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE.

It’s enough to make a man lash out, and pounce, and seize. …

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