As the so-called “caravan” of over 7,000 Hondurans, Guatemalans, Mexicans, and who knows what else churns its way to the southern border of the United States, the left will scream and moan about the need for these people to be allowed to come into the country. They will say that, legal or illegal, we need them. America is a nation of immigrants (whatever that means), progressives will say. So the question begs, “When do we finally become a nation of Americans?”

Only a small percentage of the thousands moving their way through Mexico have actually applied for asylum in the U.S. The rest are seeking to get in illegally, and yet progressives say there is an absolute “need” for America to push aside all immigration laws and let these people in. There is certainly something sinister in the air, and this whole expedition, just weeks before the November elections, reeks of leftwing involvement.

If these people are so eager to get to America for freedom and opportunity, why are they waving their own national flags? Wouldn’t it seem more fitting to be waving American flags? If one were desperately wanting to escape the U.S. and be granted entry to Canada (or wherever), wouldn’t that person be waving a Canadian flag? And what of reports of caravan marchers saying negative things about President Trump and America in general? Are these people who truly want to be Americans?

If asked, would someone say that Germany is a nation of immigrants? What about France? Is Spain a nation of immigrants? Isn’t it a nation of Spanish people? Isn’t Germany a nation of Germans? Yes, those countries have been around much longer than the United States, but how many generations have to pass before we can be considered a nation of Americans?

It’s an important question, because the left is adamantly opposed to the concept. Through progressive infiltration of our educational system, America has gone from a “melting pot” — where we retain our ethnic culture but melt together as one American family — to a “stew” — where we carry titles of “African American” or “Spanish American” or “Chinese American” and coexist in the American system — to our new paradigm of “celebrating diversity” — where being American is shunned and anything different from Americanism is praised.

Thus, when a caravan of over 7,000 people marches toward the United States and demands entry and benefits and services, one has to wonder whether these people wish to become Americans at all? If they can organize into such a march, why not change things in their own countries? Why come here? Was this spontaneous? Or was it organized by the left?

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The last big wave of legal immigrants came to the United States around 1907. The industrial revolution was in full swing, and it would only be a few years later until World War I came calling. Since then, we’ve had the GI generation, the Silent generation, the Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and the post-Millennials. That’s six generations just since the early 1900s. That’s six generations of Americans from immigrants who came here around the turn of the twentieth century. Of course, there are all the other Americans who were here decades and decades before them. Aren’t we a nation of Americans yet?

If all immigration were to stop today… right now… this second, would America cease to exist? Would factories and technology and innovation and expertise suddenly vanish? Would America suffocate from lack of immigrants? The answer to all of these questions is no. But America is seen as a beacon of hope… an ideal of something better… something virtuous… something special. And thus, we have a generous immigration system for those who do things the legal way.

There is no doubt that a showdown is brewing. President Trump has said he will use the military if needed to stop this mob from invading the country. The Democrats, aided by their allies in the media, Hollywood, and technology, will claim that we need these people. They will get in front of television cameras and say that America is a nation of “immigrants” and it is the duty of the country to let these people in.

America was built by immigrants. Wasn’t every other country built that way too? But now America has been built into the world’s super power. It is perfectly understandable and in the country’s best interest to let people in who actually want to be Americans… to contribute… to raise American children… to be patriotic… to show that great love of country that past waves of immigrants have shown. They wanted nothing more than to be Americans. As long as the left continues to demean patriotism in exchange for celebrating diversity, America is going to be in trouble.

Bobby Eberle is a professional race car driver, former aerospace engineer, political commentator, and president of He holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Rice University.

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