Law enforcement officials, including the director of the FBI, have said that the shootings in Atlanta, which left eight people dead, do not appear to have been racially motivated.

But, despite no evidence, progressive preacher and Georgia senator Raphael Warnock cried racism.

“We all know hate when we see it,” he said Sunday.

Six Asian women, another woman and a man were killed on Tuesday in a shooting at spas across the Atlanta area. Robert Aaron Long, the 21-year-old white male charged with the murders, said they were not racially motivated, rather the result of a rabid sex addiction.

Even FBI director Christopher Wray agreed, saying “while the motive remains still under investigation at the moment, it does not appear that the motive was racially motivated.”

But, progressive team-lefters resorted to the race card yet again, connecting the murders to a rising number of attacks on Asian Americans since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Warnock, who took office in January, catered to the narrative in a speech to protestors near the Atlanta state capitol.

“I just wanted to drop by to say to my Asian sisters and brothers, ‘We see you, and, more importantly, we are going to stand with you,'” Warnock said.

He said the following in a Sunday NBC interview: “I think it’s more important that we center the humanity of the victims. I’m hearing a lot about the shooter, but these precious lives that have been lost, they are attached to families. They’re connected to people who love them. And so, we need to keep that in mind.”

“Law enforcement will go through the work that they need to do,” he added, “but we all know hate when we see it. And it is tragic that we’ve been visited with this kind of violence yet again.”

“I’ve long pushed for hate crimes laws here in the state of Georgia,” he touted. “It took entirely too long to get one on the books here. But thankfully, we do have that law on the books right now.”

Warnock also linked official responses to the shootings to efforts by team-right to toughen up voting laws.

“This shooter was able to kill all of these folks the same day he purchased a firearm,” he said. “But right now, what is our legislature doing? They’re busy under the gold dome here in Georgia, trying to prevent people from being able to vote the same day they register. I think that suggests a distortion in values. When you can buy a gun and create this much carnage and violence on the same day, but if you want to exercise your right to vote as an American citizen, the same legislature that should be focused on this is busy erecting barriers to that constitutional right.”

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