During his victory speech, Senator Raphael Warnock claimed to be a victim of voter suppression. Let me try to understand, Georgia had record voter turnout, Warnock won the election but claimed that votes were suppressed. In other words, he’s a victim. Really? Someone, anyone, find one legal voter who was unable to vote in Georgia. You can’t. So Warnock and Stacey Abrams (she also claimed voter suppression), please, you’re both a bore.

With Abrams and Warnock in mind, is there anything more insufferable than our privileged, millionaires (and billionaires) complaining about their terrible circumstances in life, about being victims? Last week, Jennifer Lawrence, of the Hunger Games fame, claimed to be a victim. Forget that she’s one of the most privileged people in the entire world. In a Variety interview, she claims to have overcome oppression and that she’s still being oppressed. Where’s the proof, you ask? In her statement, “Nobody had ever put a woman in the lead of an action movie.” Translation: Jennifer thought her acting abilities were being questioned, which means she was being oppressed; she was being victimized. Not only is Lawrence not a victim, she’s extremely ignorant. Sigourney Weaver in Aliens (1979), Linda Hamilton (Terminator movies), Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider – 2001 and 2003), Uma Thurman (Kill Bill – 2003), and Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four – 2005) all quickly come to mind. Lawrence needs to read history books about centuries past to learn true victims of oppression.

Lawrence is far from being the only privileged leftist who claims victim status. Billionaire Oprah says she’s a victim of whiteness, multi-millionaire Michelle Obama’s a victim, and billionaire LeBron’s a victim. Al Sharpton, Don Lemon, Kamala, Hillary, Colin Kaepernick, Stacey Abrams, and Meghan Markle all claim to be victims. Markle competes quite well as the most tiresome of them all. A Hollywood star before she married a prince (thus becoming a princess) she acts the victim for being required to curtsy to Queen Elizabeth. Oh please, let’s all feel sorry for the poor, privileged rich girl. These people are extremely wealthy; extremely privileged, are living the American dream, yet claim to be victims. Besides the fact that all are Democrats, all are uber leftist, all are radical Marxists and none are white males; what’s going on?

First, it’s unspoken but white males are not allowed to be victims; mostly they are the victimizers. Second, victimhood, and desperately claiming to be a victim, is the new currency of privilege among our leftist elites. Some of the most privileged people in the entire world want you to believe otherwise. It’s all a distraction. They want us peasants to think they’re one of us so we won’t see who they really are. They’re not us; they want nothing to do with us underlings. They don’t live in our communities (LeBron lives in a gated Bel Air community; Obama lives in a $15 million mansion on Martha’s Vineyard), don’t shop at our stores and businesses (when was the last time Hillary was seen at Walmart?), and don’t even fly on the same airplanes (private charters for them). They have nothing in common with the average American — black or white. Yet the Obamas, Hillary, et al., try to use their skin color and/or gender as a cudgel to make us believe they’re suffering because of your racism and your sexism.

All their claims of victimhood are quickly and easily debunked. Consider Oprah. She said that not all white people are powerful but then talked about the caste system in place in America. She went further and said, “No matter where they (meaning Whites) are on the rung or ladder of success, they still have their whiteness. That’s what the term ‘white privilege’ is.” Oprah’s comments were made by a woman who’s worth an estimated $2.6 billion. She became fabulously wealthy because people (of all races and genders) liked her message and cared nothing about her race or gender. In rebuttal, Todd Starnes said, “I pray for the day that America becomes a nation where someone like Oprah will be able to become a billionaire.” JT Lewis asked, “How did Oprah make $2.6 billion if America is so racist?” And Candace Owens wanted Oprah to share some of that $2.6 billion victimhood with her and others.

But can you blame Oprah? In a normal society (say America before Obama arrived on the scene) the way you got ahead was to be competent, to be physically excellent, by inventing something, achieving something in business, by having a better idea, etc. Thus, you earned money and acquired power. Ha — how foolish. That’s way too much effort.

Now, if you have a better idea and build a successful business, you’re accused of being an evil capitalist, of having (white) privilege, of toxic masculinity, or of exploiting someone (somehow only minorities get exploited). We’re no longer a culture that embraces excellence; instead we (actually the Left and the Dems) embrace victimhood. And along with being a “victim” comes the social currency of victimhood which is used to purchase/acquire power, status, and wealth.

Quite frankly, this constant stream of whines and complaints from the most privileged people in the world is nauseating. They maintain a constant level of animosity towards society and toward the less privileged. They are never happy, never satisfied, and unable to see reality. If this doesn’t convince you to avoid being a Leftist, to live a more conservative life, to be more content with your station, I don’t know what will.

Last week, Biden exchanged (i.e. released) a Russian arms dealer (known as the “merchant of death”) for an American held by the Ruskies. He had two exchange choices – Brittney Griner, privileged WNBA player who hates America or Paul Whelan, a Marine who put his life on the line for America. Both Griner and Whelan were convicted and sentenced to lengthy prison sentences in Russian courts on questionable charges. Guess which one Biden traded the arms merchant for, the non-privileged Marine who served America or the privileged victim who hates America? You know the answer.

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