The Utah Republican Party issued a statement supporting President Donald Trump as he questions the results of the 2020 presidential election Thursday, while one of Utah’s Republican senators took the opposite view on Twitter calling the president’s actions “undemocratic.”

“Earlier today, President Trump’s legal team held a press conference outlining evidence of what appears to be widespread improprieties in the elections practices in states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada,” the statement from the Utah GOP said. “These allegations, if found to be substantiated, could change the outcome of the election. In light of the gravity of these allegations, they need to be thoroughly investigated, and if necessary, litigated.”
-This is an excerpt from the Deseret News.

Romney responded on Twitter:


Romney congratulates President-select on his ‘admirable character’.


Trump reminds Romney his 2012 loss was an embarrassment for the GOP.

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