WASHINGTON — The National Republican Senatorial Committee issued the following news release on Feb. 8, 2022:

NRSC Chairman Rick Scott announced the Committee raised $18 million in January 2022 and has $39.1 million cash on hand. The totals represent the most raised and highest cash on hand in the history of both the NRSC and the DSCC for the month of January, showcasing the momentum Republicans have to retake the Senate majority this November.

“The NRSC kicks off the election year just how we ended last year – by setting astronomical fundraising records,” said NRSC Chairman Rick Scott. “After a full year of Democrat control of Washington, American voters are saying that they have had enough. Voters are tired of the Democrats’ countless failures and know they can trust Republicans to get the country back on track. Thanks to fired up folks across the nation, the NRSC will have the resources to win this November. 2022 is the GOP’s year, so let’s get to work.”

The Republican National Committee transferred $5 million to the NRSC in the month of January.

Fast Facts:

* January total raised: $18 million

* Cash on Hand: $39.1 million

* Number of January donations: 254,668

* Number of January first-time donors: 23,264

* Number of January donations under $200: 252,472

* Republican National Committee (RNC) transfer: $5 million

* Debt: $0

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