“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” so the saying goes. And the goose is getting cooked at a high school in Alabama.

Students and parents at Auburn High school are turning the tables on liberal snowflakes by demanding that the school remove a homosexual-friendly rainbow flag from a teacher’s classroom.

The demand comes at the same time that Leftists are defacing and tearing down Civil War memorials, and also attacking monuments honoring our Founding Fathers, in the name of diversity and tolerance.

The “tolerance” promoted by the Left is often reserved solely for their views, however, so a petition to remove the rainbow flag at Auburn High states that it’s “unprofessional for a teacher to so openly express and subject students to his or her personal political views.”

The high school teacher, referred to as Mrs. Yeager in the petition, leads a diversity-promoting club known as EDUCATE at the high school, Fox News reported.

“Of course flying an LGBT activist rainbow flag in the classroom creates a hostile and provocative learning environment,” observes Americans for Truth leader Peter Labarbera, whose organization exposes homosexual activism. “So I’m glad these students are adopting the tactics of the Left to at least make the classroom neutral.”

The petition also turns the tables on liberals since it uses website change.org that often serves as a rallying point for liberal demands about gun control and climate change.

It’s unlikely the petition will bring down the rainbow flag, of course, but LaBarbera says the point is to push back against a left-wing movement that attacks public displays of faith and conservative politics while proclaiming diversity and tolerance.

Fox News reported two years ago that ninth graders at a California high school were grilled by the school’s Queer Student Alliance about their personal views – and their parents’ views – on homosexuality.

What parents and students described as grilling and indoctrination was defended as a “tolerance workshop,” the school district superintendent told Fox News.

OneNewsNow reported more recently on a Florida high school, where a lesbian teacher went unpunished for telling students to remove their religious jewelry and for decorating her classroom with pro-homosexual propaganda.

“I think there is such a rising resentment against the Left and its one-sided political correctness,” LaBarbera says. “I think people are tired of it.”


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