Thanks in large part to a hotly contested presidential election, cable news ratings went through the roof in October with Tucker Carlson and Fox News leading the way.

Tucker Carlson Tonight finished the month as the highest-rated program in cable news history with 5,359,000 total viewers, followed closely by Sean Hannity with 5,159,000.

Carlson managed to break the record despite the left-wing led ad boycotts that tried to bring down his show.

Fox News benefited from Carlson’s record viewership and record the highest-rated primetime in cable news history, averaging 2,278,000 total day viewers and a whopping 4,900,000 in primetime — an increase of 83% from October 2019.

Other Fox programs that also had record ratings were The Five with 4,102,000 — even more incredible since it doesn’t air in primetime, and The Ingraham Angle with 4,065,000 viewers.

CNN and MSNBC also recorded significant gains in viewership but still trailed Fox News by a wide margin.

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