President Donald Trump is holding fast to his 2016 campaign promise to not let Americans foot the exorbitant bill for former President Barack Obama’s “climate change” agenda, as he moved to reverse his predecessor’s green-promoting advisory committee that was directed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Heartland Institute Research Fellow H. Sterling Burnett announced that the radical environmentalist group will no longer be making decisions to fight so-called “global warming” and spend billions at taxpayers’ expense to control it.

“The Advisory Committee was formed in 2015 by the Obama administration, ostensibly to help the business community, state and local public officials, and the general public, understand the National Climate Assessment – a U.S. government multiagency periodic assessment of climate science and policy recommendations required by the Global Change Research Act of 1990,” Burnett noted. “The committee is not mandated under the law establishing the National Climate Assessment, [as] an August 18 e-mail from Benjamin Friedman – acting director of NOAA – informed members the committee would not be continued when its charter expired on August 20.”

Saving green

Global warming alarmists will no longer be making the forwarding of Obama’s legacy of spending billions to fight climate change – a pseudo-science based on debunked and inflated global temperatures and “facts,” which include rising sea levels and polar bears drowning due to melting sea ice.

“The 15-member committee included people from environmental activist groups, public officials, lawyers, sociologists, corporate representatives and a few scientists from various fields,” Burnett added. “The committee’s chairman, Richard Moss, has a doctorate from Princeton in public and international affairs and previously served as vice president and managing director for climate change at the World Wildlife Fund activist group.”

A promise keeper …

With the dismantling of the progressive, big-government committee, many conservatives are pleased that Trump is sticking to the commitments he made to battle and dismantle Obama’s massive climate change policy – which has been fueled at American taxpayers’ expense.

“The decision to end the Advisory Committee is just the latest in a consistent pattern President Donald Trump has followed in reversing climate policies enacted by the Obama administration,” the policy expert from the Chicago-based think tank pointed out. “During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump said the United States faced many more important problems than climate change, and he pledged to roll back any climate policies hampering economic growth and domestic energy development.”

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This was not the only campaign promise regarding climate change that Trump has made good on.

“Trump has withdrawn from the Paris climate agreement and rescinded dozens of Obama’s climate-related executive orders and regulations,” WND reported. “The EPA also has decided not to renew the appointments of dozens of scientists on various scientific advisory panels.”

Many leaders in the European Union – as well as numerous green-pushing Democrats – condemned Trump for not jumping on board with other nations to dump billions of American tax dollars into programs designed to implement the Paris accord’s global warming agenda.

“The Paris agreement committed the United States to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025,” the conservative news agency informed.

Defunding science fiction?

Cornwall Alliance Founder and National Spokesman E. Calvin Beisner argued that the Climate Committee was devoid of a balance of scientific views because it was primarily established to propagate and implement climate policies touted by Obama.

“The committee’s members weren’t appointed until a year ago by the Obama administration,” Beisner explained. “To nobody’s surprise, the committee lacked representation from those who think the empirical evidence points to human actions contributing little to global warming and that attempting to reduce it would slow the conquest of poverty around the world. Trump’s decision is in keeping with his determination to bring better balance to federal consideration of such issues.”

Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CCT) Senior Policy Analyst Paul Driessen asserts that the Trump administration is positioning sound science above politically motivated environmental advocacy by shutting down the Advisory Committee.

“Like so many other ‘scientific advisory’ committees during the Obama years, this one was populated with ‘experts’ who could be counted on to put aside their professional analytical abilities and obligations and simply rubberstamp politicized thinking on supposedly dangerous manmade climate change,” Driessen contended. “Its entire focus was on greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, the plant-fertilizing miracle molecule that makes life on Earth possible.”

He said that the now-disbanded committee was irresponsible and serving its own interests by insisting that man-made pollutants – as opposed to the sun’s cycles and other natural phenomenon that have been repeated for centuries – was primarily responsible for any warming trends on Earth.

“The members rarely acknowledged the role fluctuations in solar energy output, cosmic rays, ocean currents, atmospheric water vapor levels, and other powerful natural forces play in climate change,” Driessen continued. “By disbanding this politicized committee, President Trump is restoring the scientific method and evidence-based science and public policy to our understanding of the climate.”

Harvey and Irma blamed on global warming

Climate change advocates – including scientists and Hollywood actors – are blaming Trump and his refusal to bow down to Obama’s radical environmental agenda for cataclysmic weather events, including Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Even though it is a known fact that warmer ocean temperatures are more conducive to forming and fueling hurricanes, many scientists imply that man-made pollutants are largely responsible for most warming trends … and for generating such devastating storms.

“This is the kind of thing we are going to get more of,” Princeton University climate scientist Michael Oppenheimer told Fox News when discussing Hurricane Harvey that struck Houston, Texas, late last month. “This storm should serve as warning.”

However, other scientists prefer to ground their research and conclusions in scientific facts – rather than a globalist climate change agenda – before attributing most extreme weather phenomena to “man-made global warming.”

It is argued by University of Washington atmospheric scientist Cliff Mass that climate change is not strong enough to produce record-setting rainfall – such as that witnessed through Harvey.

“You really can’t pin global warming on something this extreme,” Mass concluded, according to Fox News. “It has to be natural variability. It may juice it up slightly, but not create this phenomenal anomaly.”


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