I wish I could say America has become a Banana Republic, but there is no reason to believe we are a republic, banana or otherwise.

As I watched Trump, I couldn’t help but think back to sitting with a dear friend and his mom watching Nixon’s resignation. We rejoiced at the “justice” of his removal to “save” the Republic.

We were fools. Nixon was framed. Just like Trump. Déjà vu all over again.

– Like the Deep State of today focused on taking Trump out, so did the Deep State of Nixon’s day. The CIA, the Democrat/Kennedy Wing of the Justice Department, the FBI, and the media (NYT and Washington Post) actively conspired to take Nixon out because he was so popular and he wasn’t Washington Deep State. They wanted to clear the field for Teddy Kennedy’s 1976 presidential run. So they set Nixon up and went after his donors.

– In Kennedy’s Camelot, Nixon was an illegitimate president. Teddy should have been crowned in 1972, not that cretin Nixon. I still fondly remember the MAD Magazine cover showing a Volkswagen, famous for floating longer than other cars due to unibody construction, floating in water. The headline is “If Ted Kennedy drove a Volkswagen, he’d be president today.” Ted killed Mary Jo in 1969 by running off a bridge and leaving her to drown.

– After Nixon won a 49-state blowout, Democrat operatives, the CIA, several Harvard professors, Kennedy DOJ worshipers, and the New York Times met and planned a way to take out Nixon. (Much of this is from Geoff Shepard’s great works.)

– The CIA planted operatives all through Nixon’s White House and his re-election campaign. These CIA plants set up the Watergate burglary, which was so incompetent that it was designed to get caught.

– Nixon knew nothing about the break-in or the setup. The burglars intentionally taped locks open in areas they had no interest in being so they could get caught. That isn’t even a rookie mistake for intelligences black bag pros. That’s by design.

– The Democrats in the Senate then had hearings to create a public outcry for a Nixon investigation.

– Selective one-sided media leaks were critical to creating momentum. With highly slanted reporting by the NYT and WaPo, the scandal was off and running. Was it coincidental that Bob Woodward was a theoretical ex-intelligence officer, if one can be “ex” once inside the Deep State?

– The Democrats in the DOJ (same thing) used the (manufactured) outcry to start a crooked Grand Jury investigation.

– Remember the “Honorable” Judge Sirica? He was part of the Deep State conspiracy and even changed the rules of the D.C. Court so he could hear Watergate cases although he had passed mandatory retirement age.

– Sirica was so corrupt that he would meet with the prosecutors privately, without the defense lawyers present, to tell the prosecutors how they should state their legal motions so Sirica would rule on them positively.

– John Dean, who was a part of the Watergate break-in planning, was Nixon’s White House personal lawyer.

– Since Nixon knew nothing about the break-in and Dean’s role in it, Nixon foolishly tasked Dean with finding out if anyone in the White House was involved. After constantly stonewalling Nixon, Dean took Nixon’s protected personal legal papers and cut a deal with the DOJ.

– The DOJ used John Dean and the improperly seized privileged documents to not only take down Nixon, they went after the entire Republican donor base to make sure Teddy would have smooth sailing in 1976.

– The DOJ set up numerous investigations of Republican donors, all but one headed by highly partisan Democrats, including the smartest women in the world. Since the Kennedy DOJ lawyers were in on the scam, they proceeded to make it very clear that donating to Republicans was dangerous to your legal health.

– What did Bebe Rebozo, a Florida businessman, have to do with the Watergate break-in? Nothing. He was foolish enough to think America was a free country, not a Deep State satrapy, and he committed the unforgivable crime of giving money to that Cromagnon Nixon when Democrats controlled the Deep State.

– Nixon was visited by Deep State Republican politicians, the Mike Pences of their day. Instead of encouraging Nixon to fight to prove his innocence and defend America from the Deep State, Nixon had to go.

Now the circle is complete. At least there was the real “staged” crime of the Watergate break-in to take out Nixon. There isn’t even a pretext of a crime this time. The United States of Bananaland.


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