Not fitting in with its anti-gun narrative, the mainstream media has avoided coverage of an armed patron who shot two armed men robbing a Louisiana Waffle House late last week, putting one in the hospital – no other injuries were sustained.

This comes in stark contrast to the Tennessee Waffle House shooting coverage that has emblazoned the headlines of virtually every news hub across the nation, with most reports highlighting the fact that the hero thwarted the attack without a gun – after the gunman had already fatally shot four patrons.

Gun-toting hero falls into media’s Black Hole

Needless to say, little has been made of the argument that none were killed in the Louisiana Waffle House incident because a law-abiding citizen was carrying and using a registered gun. Instead, gun control activists in the media decided to focus on an unarmed man’s heroics – rather than cover a story of how a “good guy with a gun” saved lives – which further strengthens the case for Second Amendment supporters.

The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) issued a press release stating that one of the suspects was recovering in the hospital from multiple gunshot wounds – while being under arrest for one count of armed robbery and another count of attempted robbery – noting that a customer with a gun thwarted a potentially lethal scene.

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“Around 10:19 p.m. Thursday, Thomas and another man with semiautomatic handguns entered the Waffle House … [and] the other man jumped the counter and demanded money from the cashier – while also taking $8 from a costumer,” revealed from the NOPD’s statement released last Friday. “Thomas stood on the side by the counter and served as lookout for the other man.”

But armed resistance from a restaurant patron saved the day.

“A customer armed with his personal firearm drew his weapon as the other robber approached him, causing the robber to flee, [and] Thomas then pointed his own weapon at the armed customer,” police divulged from the release, according to NOLA. “The customer fired several shots at Thomas, who then ran out of the Waffle House and fled in a white Chrysler with the other robber. The customer later told police that he believed he had struck Thomas.”

Thanks to the “locked and loaded” customer, the violent suspect essentially turned himself in by checking into the local hospital with numerous bullet wounds.

“Later in the night, a white Chrysler pulled up at a local emergency room and dropped off a man with several gunshot wounds to the back, hip and arm,” the NOPD release informed. “The man matched witness descriptions of the injured robber.”

A Twitter user corroborated the account six days later, which was breaking news to most Americans after the mainstream media tiptoed around disseminating the story for nearly a week.

“On Friday, two armed men tried to rob a Louisiana Waffle House but were shot by an armed patron,” Stephen Gutowski tweeted Wednesday. “One of the robbers was hospitalized. Nobody else was hurt.”

Piling up the case for gun rights

Fighting guns with guns – as opposed to fists – is proving more and more that law-abiding citizens owning and toting guns is the best prevention and deterrence of mass shooting tragedies.

“This unnamed, law-abiding, armed customer thwarted an armed robbery in progress – and possibly saved lives – by exercising his [Second Amendment] rights,” Townhall reported. “This incident will be recorded as one of the many annual instances – between 100,000 on the extreme low end, to 2.5 million on the higher end – of Americans defending themselves or their property with firearms.”

Not detracting from Shaw’s bravery displayed at the Tennessee Waffle House, it is argued that the odds are stacked against would-be-heroes without guns.

“And as extraordinary and special as Mr. Shaw’s actions were, what are the chances the Louisiana crime, with two armed perpetrators, could have been stopped by a single unarmed man?” Townhall’s Guy Benson posed. “I’d bet the managers, employees and patrons of that restaurant are very grateful that a good guy with a gun was eating in the dining room that night.”

High school teaching Gun Control Activism 101?

Meanwhile, echoing the anti-gun rhetoric spread by the mainstream media, a History teacher from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSDHS) in Parkland, Florida – where the actual shooting massacre killing 17 took place – likened a student survivor at the school to a Nazi for supporting gun rights.

“So… I just got a call from a friend of mine from @GregPittman1957’s class and he [the MSDHS History teacher] apparently compared me to Hitler in class and said I am a [expletive],” MSDHS gun-rights-advocating student Kyle Kashuv tweeted Wednesday. “The rant was about 10 minutes during class time, and [asserted] how he was right and I was wrong with my comments.”

The gun control activist teacher’s tirade against the vocal Second Amendment-supporting student has been openly condemned by the conservative media.

“I can’t begin to describe how wildly inappropriate it is for any teacher to be publicly badmouthing any student to his classmates – particularly behind his back,” Benson expressed. “It gets even worse – given the context. Kashuv is a survivor like the rest of those students, and for a History teacher to invoke any sort of Hitler comparison (even if jest) – especially about the Jewish son of Israeli parents – is egregious professional misconduct.”

Adding insult upon injury, the teacher was apparently ordered by school officials at an earlier date to end his attack on the pro-gun student via social channels on the Internet, but the warning was not heeded.

“That misconduct is made even worse if it’s true that this teacher was instructed by administrators to stop engaging Kashuv on social media before uncorking this diatribe – and the ‘something needs to be done about him’ piece could be construed as a threat,” Benson added. “I understand that tensions are high on that campus – that community went through something horrific – but it’s not remotely acceptable for a teacher to respond to his own political differences with a student in this manner. His actions merit some form of formal sanction.”


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