“How did we get into this big mess and who gets the blame?”

Let’s start with Congressman James Clyburn, (D-SC). Joe Biden was nowhere near getting the Democrat nomination until Rep. Clyburn ordained him as South Carolina’s favorite. With South Carolina and the rest of the Democrat support in the south secured, the rest of the primary was a mere formality. To be fair to Rep. Clyburn, who else could he have supported — Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete, Beto O’Rourke? Remember we are talking about voters in South Carolina. To use the sports analogy, the Democrat bench is short. It is also old.

Consideration for blame also goes to those that helped manage the Biden general election campaign. Most are nameless to most Americans, but Ron Klain, current Chief of Staff, might be familiar. Many political pundits believe he might be the man in charge now. Considering the current low polling, most presidents would start making cabinet changes. None so far. Chief of staff is a key position that many presidents have been known to replace. But if Klain is really calling the shots, he cant fire himself, can he?

We have learned that DNC Chairman, Jamie Harrison, looking ahead to the 2022 mid-terms, is trying to find the exits to save his political career. There are also rumblings that Javier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human Services is rarely seen. We still have COVID, an open southern border, significant increase in drug overdoses, that some argue may be due to the open border, and a secretary that is MIA Word on the street is that Becerra wants to be the next governor of California and doesn’t want to risk anything that might tarnish those prospects, so taking a page from his boss’ political strategy, he is staying in the basement.

The problems for the Democrat party are numerous, but the most important problem is that it is totally out of step with mostAmericans. Party leaders are smart enough to know that but are helpless to help themselves. Bernie Sanders couldn’t have possibly been elected, and Rep. James Clyburn knew it. What he wasn’t counting on however, was that the Bernie supporters would hijack the presidency, and the Democrat party, virtually assuring the political demise of both. But the real tragedy is the resulting damage to America.

So how bad is it for the Democrats? The Democrats have threatened to primary Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV). West Virginia, where Joe Biden failed to win a single county! Keep up the threats and insults Democrats, and you might even lose control of the senate before November.

Bruce Purvis Hickory Flat

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