January 27, 2020 marked the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the most notorious of all Nazi concentration camps, where over a million people were exterminated. The great majority of the victims were Jewish, though other ethnicities and demographics were among the casualties.

Each year, this date is rightly marked with commemorations and memorials of the tragedy and suffering of those who died there. Invariably, the assurance is made that “we will never forget.” For the surest way of repeating the mistakes of history is to forget the lessons learned from them. But in so many ways we already have forgotten how Auschwitz and the other unspeakable evils of the holocaust were allowed to happen! We have enshrined those events as heart wrenching historical milestones, but no longer endeavor to connect their significance to the strife and upheaval of the current era.

This evil didn’t just “materialize” one day out of thin air. It grew, encroached, infiltrated, and perverted every aspect of daily life, poisoning the thinking in every institution where it took hold, including the schools and even the Churches. Worst of all, it was directly aided and abetted by a passive populace that didn’t necessarily advocate every aspect of it, but ultimately failed to call it out as the evil it was. And once it had gained sufficient momentum, it didn’t happen in secret, but manifested itself in plain sight. Refusing to divide light and darkness, those who should have stood their moral and spiritual ground against it instead retreated to platitudes such as “tolerance” and “inclusion,” whereby they hoped to stay on some mythical “neutral” ground. In every sense, the genocide of more than six million innocent people did not become an inevitability on the day that the first gas chamber went into operation, but at the very moment a Jewish business was vandalized with no restitution, and nobody deemed it to be wrong.

Thus the nightmare ensued, not in spite of those who knew better, but because of them and their sanctioned indifference. No doubt, in the present day, if an open advocate of the Nazis were to walk into a Church or school wearing a Swastika, he would be confronted, ordered to cover up that abhorrent symbol of evil or, if he refused to do so, told to leave. We all now know such things are detestable, and so we have the moral clarity to oppose them. But how many other equally evil precepts of the modern leftist counterculture are daily affronting us, and purposely encroaching upon us in our jobs, schools, and Churches? Yet nothing is done to prevent them from becoming the new “moral standard” to which everyone must comply?

As a result of the relentless attacks from the leftist counterculture against every defining precept of right and wrong, Americans no longer feel they have the latitude to openly oppose blatant exhibitions of evil, or even to criticize them in any way. Library programs deemed to be “for children,” involving every manner of sexual deviancy, are not only allowed to take place, much of the expense for such venues is ultimately borne by the taxpayers. Open advocacy of violence is deemed “virtuous” on the grounds that the professed “causes” which prompt them are asserted to be unassailable in their worthiness and benefits to humanity. In such leftist cesspools as Portland Oregon, city officials and police have refrained from holding “antifa” mobs accountable for violence and vandalism on this basis.

These events are unfolding in the face of the exact same acquiescence that the Nazis experienced as they methodically overshadowed all reasoning and integrity in German society, eventually forcing it to totally abandon any vestige of human conscience. We are not immune to such a fate.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years, and is author of the book “Rules for Defeating Radicals,” subtitled “Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture,” which is a guide to effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left and is available at Amazon.com

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