On March 11, a full fifty days after claiming the White House, Joe Biden made a twenty-four minute speech regarding the Coronavirus, and policies of the Biden cabal going forward. Very little substance was presented, which was entirely as expected. But just as thoroughly predictable was the nearly breathless response of the leftist Fake News crowd, who behaved as if they had just witnessed Moses returning from Mount Sinai.

According to the Associated Press, Biden offered Americans a “vision for a return to a modicum of normalcy this summer.” The Washington Post was even more canned and predictable. While dutifully echoing the talking points of the AP, it went on to contrast Biden’s glowing oratory against President Trump’s covid speech of exactly one year prior, which it characterized as being “widely criticized.” Of course the reader is expected to accept that jab as “objective,” and not just the latest attempt by the Post to rebrand its own ankle-biting as a “widely” held viewpoint.

Still, the nature of leftist fawning over the Biden cabal, while thoroughly transparent and revolting, is also very telling, though not in the manner that the left intends. With each passing day, any slight whisper from any office related to Biden is heralded with resounding accolades of encouragement and renewed confidence. Such biased and agenda driven behavior from the leftist media was of course fully expected. But this blatant “PR” campaign is not merely overdone. Rather, it reveals itself as a transparent and frantic effort to convince America that Biden is functioning normally.

Of course, such a scam would not be necessary, were the nation not so nervously aware that Biden’s mental faculties are failing rapidly, and that from the first days of his 2020 campaign, it was glaringly obvious that he was totally unfit to actually function as the nation’s chief executive. The situation only continues to deteriorate noticeably with each passing day, and with it the level of panic among leftist Democrats continues to rise.

The honest appraisal of the situation is that everything about our nation’s present “government” is utterly surreal, from its treacherous and contrived seizure of power, to its appearance of daily functionality. Behind the scenes, enormous efforts are being undertaken to keep the fragile facade in place for as long as possible. Yet new cracks in it continue to appear.

Despite the aggressiveness of leftist Democrats as they trample the Constitution, destroy the nation’s borders, and bankrupt the national treasury, they are fearful that the people will, at some point, reject their abuses and over-reaches outright. On every occasion where Real America can flex its muscle to show its total contempt for the Biden cabal, it does so with great zeal. From social media to genuine journalistic inquiries, Biden will not be presented to the public on any forum in which the people have an opportunity to respond. The leftist cabal holding his strings simply cannot take that risk.

Sadly, the Republican “Establishment” is happily going along with the ruse of “normalcy,” by settling quickly back into its role of pretending to be the “opposition party.” It complains about leftist policies and proposals loudly enough to hopefully impress its base. But the nation should never forget that when Republicans had the opportunity to actually oppose the certification of the phony Biden “victory,” only a tiny handful stepped forward to do so. The rest found any excuse to let the leftist Democrat coup ensue and prevail.

Still, the Democrat position is precarious, and their frequent “deer in the headlights” reactions to any real opposition from Main Street inarguably prove it. The leftist facade of invincible strength is crumbling outside of the Beltway cesspool. Public responses to the ending of covid “lockdowns” in such states as Texas have been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. Americans are tired of playing the fear game.

Many prominent Democrats have been compelled to join attacks on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who faces impeachment. But although they vigorously seek to make his situation all about the unsurprising claims of “sexual harassment,” the real seething anger from the public burns against him on account of his abominable covid policies, which resulted in more than ten thousand unnecessary deaths among New York’s seniors.

Leftist efforts to change the subject notwithstanding, if Cuomo goes down it will be on account of his horrible covid policies, and will reflect a growing momentum to hold leftist governors accountable over their flagrant, unconstitutional abuses of power. California Governor Gavin Newsom may be next, with a recall vote virtually imminent. And if Californians succeed, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer could face a similar fate. Her track record of iron-fisted arrogance is second to none, at least in America.

The task of erasing all recollection of last November’s stolen election is enormous, but leftist Democrats have no choice except to loudly decry and ridicule any mention of it. This strategy might have worked in the past, when the public discourse was limited to Democrats on one side, and the historically insipid GOP on the other.

But President Trump changed all of that. Now that he has made conservatives at the “grassroots” aware of their numbers and their strength, they are not about to quietly accept Republican Party acquiescence to any portion of the leftist agenda. Their seething rage over the leftist coup may erupt at any moment. Worse yet, a Biden mental implosion has the potential to suddenly bring all of the 2020 chicanery back to center stage, especially with the prospect of Kamala Harris in the Oval Office looming.

So the best strategy for real conservatives is to respond to every leftist onslaught, every utterance of leftist sanctimony, every leftist accusation against President Trump, and every leftist attempt to mock references to the stolen election by bluntly asking them if they actually regard Biden as mentally lucid and competent. This is a “no win” situation for them. They cannot afford to concede the dire nature his real condition. Yet they dare not actually proclaim him to be capable of holding office, because he continues to prove that he is not.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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