The 2022 election cycle is heating up, and many on “our side” are anticipating a Red “Tsunami,” if all of the vote fraud and other leftist chicanery can be reined in and the American people are able to express their true sentiments. The unfolding situation holds great promise for the Nation which is generating a mood of cautious optimism, for everyone except the leftist Democrats.

Yet we have been through this in the past, and have seen election night Republican Party landslides that changed so many names. Yet the real makeup of the political landscape inside the Beltway swamp remained just as corrupt and detached from the people of this Nation as it ever was. America voted for the conservative agenda, but ended up with “Business as usual,” with the only real difference being that the betrayal was coming from the Republicans instead of the Democrats.

In 2022, our Nation finds itself in the midst of the worst leftist onslaught in history, with unconstitutional power grabs and corruption approaching a point of no return. America is ready to hit back hard. So the goal must be to ensure that this opportunity is not squandered on the same people, with the same willingness to sell us out, as has happened too many times in the past. This is possible, but only if the situation is properly assessed and the power of the moment properly seized. That window of opportunity will only be open for a few more months.

The 2020 Presidential Election was stolen in a massive effort of vote fraud in several swing states. Much of the treasonous effort was seen on nationwide TV as key, swing state vote counts simultaneously and “inexplicably” ceased, only to suddenly restart with an identical shift in the results a few hours later. In all six “swing” states where President Trump had been ahead by comfortable to massive margins, he was abruptly “behind” by only a handful of votes. To make this case, leftist Democrats had to be brash and shameless enough to claim that the doddering and feeble Joe Biden, who never actually campaigned had “won,” ostensibly garnering the greatest number of votes of any presidential election in history.

Leftist Democrats on Capitol Hill, along with their Fake News lackeys, needed one thing from the right in order to carry this treasonous fraud to its fulfillment. And that was the timidity and tacit cowardice of the right, in the face of fierce and widespread mocking of every suggestion that the election might not be legitimate. Their gamble paid off. Within days, even stalwart conservative voices were beginning to step lightly around the situation, using insipid terminology such as “possible voting irregularities” to describe what was clearly the ultimate crime against America and our Constitution.

Some contemptible RINO voices, such as Utah’s Mitt Romney and Wyoming’s Liz Cheney, were quick to laud the Democrats as the proper victors. Yet even their back-biting treachery was secondary in its implications to the deafening silence, and tacit assent to the election theft by the GOP “Mainstream.” Come January 6, the day now memorialized by the political/media axis on account of the Capitol protest, a much bigger darker crime was committed by those who had sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution as they voted overwhelmingly to “certify” the stolen election. Only the tiniest handful of Representatives and Senators stood on principle and refused to do so.

The real blame for everything America has suffered, since the Biden Cabal wormed its way into power on this basis, must be laid at the feet of those who allowed it to ensue. Claiming, as some do, to be the “opposition party” may sound good in fundraising letters and when creating sound bites for campaign ads, but after failing to stand forcefully against the illicit leftist power grab, when that was the only proper response, merely adds hypocrisy to cowardice. And a D.C. Swamp rife with such traits will only continue to sabotage America’s future, regardless of which party is leading the effort.

So, between now and the final day for candidates to officially file in their respective states, every incumbent Senator and Representative who will be on the ballot needs to be flatly asked whether or not they believe the 2020 election was stolen. That is a simple “Yes/No” question, and any effort to give a nuanced response must be flagged as the deflection and deference to the Swamp that it is. And anyone who fails this simple test of integrity needs to face a primary challenger who can get it right. President Trump steadfastly maintains that the 2020 Presidential Election was indeed stolen. The evidence is incontrovertible that he is right. So those who cannot answer the above question in the affirmative are clearly calling him a liar.

For the years following January 2017 until the Wuhan virus “pandemic,” America reaped enormous benefits of the Trump Presidency, from the booming economy, to a restored energy industry, to historically low unemployment numbers for all races and demographics, to enormously bolstered international standing. The disaster that has befallen us since January of last year is, in its own detestable manner, just as unprecedented, with more to come. And despite the flailing deflections and denials of leftist Democrats on Capitol Hill, their Fake News lackeys, and their insidious RINO enablers, all of the suffering and hardship Americans now must endure stem directly from that stolen election.

The only political groundswell that can properly address the pure evil of that event is one which will unabashedly say so and name the true culprits, even in the face of the massive effort by the leftist “Deep State” to mock the truth and rewrite history. Americans cannot expect to shun the course the left intends for them, without starting by calling out leftists and RINOs for who they are, and what they have done. The time to make that distinction, and ensure that our real Republican candidates uphold our demands for truth and an end to the corruption, is now.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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