The pandemic has been a worldwide plan to strip people of their sovereign rights. A naked power grab by the power-hungry totalitarians of the world, including Democrats. Power-hungry dictators exist at all levels of government in the USA: At the national level Biden and his puppet master, Pelosi and her goose-stepping minions, De Blasio in New York City, Hochul replaced Cuomo as governor of New York, and other blue states with the most dictatorial being Newsome of California, as well as the “useful idiots” ruling fiefdoms in schools, colleges, on boards of special districts, cities, and counties.

Those of us that are constitutionalists, conservatives, and patriots are guilty of not confronting the creeping Socialism sooner. We believe all but criminals follow laws and rules. Especially the highest law in the land, the Constitution. Power hungry Democrats pushing the Socialist agenda are the worst type of criminals. They leverage our good and law-abiding nature and our desire to be left alone into perverse attacks, claiming we are the criminals and the terrorists. It is those Democrats that are criminals and terrorists. Their paramilitary arm is composed of the Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the Fascist ANTIFA.

Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. The damage from the lockdowns, mask, and jab mandates will scar America far into the future. We need to unveil the falsehoods of the pandemic. And the lies propagated by the Democrats and their lackeys.

Mark Brnovich (Arizona Attorney General) made the statement, “We’re facing two maladies in this country. One was created in a Chinese lab. The other is coming out of D.C.” He equated this time as “high noon.” Sadly, Mr. Brnovich is correct. Information points to the COVID-19 pandemic as being managed by the political elite to the detriment of America.

A Special Investigation by Sky News Australia titled “What Really Happened in Wuhan” reveals the origins and timelines of COVID-19 virus. Story Cliff Notes, they released the virus at the military Olympics held October 2019 in Wuhan. Yes, US military athletes were present and infected with Coronavirus. CDC information shows COVID-19 was in the USA at least as early as December 2019 and potentially earlier. Intel from China and other sources strongly indicate spreading the virus was an operation by the Chinese government. The viral source appears to be the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The investigation holds many revelations and is a must watch.

From Fauci’s senate testimonies and emails, it is obvious he approved and supervised the US funding of the institute, and it was “Gain of Function.” Recently, the National Institutes of Health Director, Francis Collins Ph.D.—Fauci’s boss—has resigned because of the many falsehoods of the pandemic being uncovered.

Previous parts of this series and a previous commentary (“All We Have to Fear is Fear Itself”), discusses masks, mandates, suppression of information, COVID-19 survival rates, vaccine verse the jab, natural immunity versus man-made, rationale to de-authorization the jab, and the origins of COVID-19. The goal of the faux pandemic, government mandates, and the medical industrial complex is to subjugate the world population using propaganda, coercion, and threats, to force people to turn over their sovereign rights to a tyrannical totalitarian ruling class.

Doubt the analysis? Elite functions such as Newsome’s and Pelosi’s fundraisers in California and the New York Met Gala—famous for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) wearing the flock with the slogan “tax the rich”—had the elite mask less and servants masked. Historically, masks have been used to dehumanize slaves. Frequently, Democrats and their propaganda mouthpieces do not wear masks when the cameras are off. Evidence of pandemic fakery continues with the list of those that are exempt from being required to take the jab to keep their jobs.

The three comorbidities most at risk for COVID-19 deaths are people who are  obese, asthmatic, and smoke. If the mandates are all about the health of the population, then decree mandates forcing smokers to quit, the obese to lose weight, and provide treatments for asthmatics. If COVID-19 is so dangerous, the government officials need to be the first to receive the jab and boosters. After all, the government is the only entity that can solve problems, therefore the government needs to be protected! Yes, sarcasm. Further, basic epidemiology calls for closing the borders to prevent further influx of infected illegal aliens spreading COVID-19 and other diseases across America. Yet, our southern border is wide open, and we are relocating unknown numbers of refugees from Afghanistan in America. Remember, neither group is being tested for COVID or being vetted for criminal or terrorist backgrounds and are eligible for treatment with Ivermectin.

Recently, Sweden and Norway lifted COVID mandates and restrictions. Denmark led the way by removing restrictions in early September. Life is back to normal in the Nordic countries. Israel is at the opposite end of the spectrum. A large percentage of its citizens are “vaccinated” and have had 2nd and 3rd boosters. Yet, Israel is experiencing a surge of new COVID cases and deaths. Hawaii has 76% of its population having received at least a single dose, and 58% are “fully vaccinated” with the addition of the booster. New Jersey has 72% of its population with at least one jab and 64% with the booster jab. Yet, Hawaii is experiencing a surge of COVID, and New Jersey is projecting another wave of COVID.

A pattern has emerged, administer the jab or booster, get a surge in COVID cases. Another booster, and another will follow this, and then another…. In the end, these actions by government officials, industrial leaders, big media, and social media violate the Nuremberg Code–posted at the NIH (National Institutes of Health) Office of NIH History & Stetten Museum website.

In totality, this harkens back to the book “Animal Farm”, another Orwell product, mashed together with his book “Nine-teen Eighty-Four.” The elite minders placing themselves above the masses.

America, and the world must be saved. Success requires we keep our Second Amendment Rights, remove all government officials at all levels that do not adhere to their oath to the Constitution and the rule of law, and eliminate all rules and regulations that are counter to the Constitution. Install term limits for all elected officials and government employees. Read and study the Constitution. We the People are the ultimate power. The Constitution limits the power of government. Also, de-authorize the jab and boosters.

If we do nothing, a new dark age will fall upon the world.


Garrett W. Lindemann, PhD is a conservative having survived the liberalism of academia, life sciences, and the left coast.  His career as a research scientist in life sciences spans over 30 years. Professionally, Garrett has worked and traveled in North American and Europe. He is not an MD nor an anti-vaxxer. Previous publications include peer-reviewed science articles and articles in medical and science magazines, one self-published book, and two film documentaries.  He is the author of many white papers, and inventor or co-inventor on several patents.

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