Last week Disney employees staged a walk out in protest of the company’s ‘response’ to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which prohibits teachers from providing any sexual instruction to kids pre-K to third grade. The unhinged Disney LGBTQ+ activists were outraged that Disney’s CEO, Bob Chapek, didn’t immediately take a public position against the anti-grooming bill.

The Alphabet mafia has since issued Disney a list of its demands, which includes not only a blacklist of politicians they forbid Disney from financially supporting, but also a list of LGBTQ+ advocacy groups Disney must support.

While the leftist Alphabet mafia fought to transform the wholesome Mouse House into a perverted House of deviants, an anonymous group of Disney employees, who opposed Disney’s embrace of perverted, progressive orthodoxy, submitted an unsigned letter urging Disney to remain politically neutral.

We know which side Disney took. Florida Governor DeSantis has since signed the anti-grooming bill into law and Disney has doubled down on its support of perverted, progressive orthodoxy. Disney has even announced its new company mission: getting the Florida law, which prevents any sexual instruction to kids pre-K to third grade, repealed or struck down in courts.

Is it any surprise that Disney sided with the outspoken, obnoxious, and fearless Alphabet activists in their employ over the silent, reserved, and fearful conservatives, who were hiding behind their desks?

While the Alphabet mafia organized, leveled threats, staged a walk out, and demanded that Disney oppose the bill, the conservatives-in-hiding penned an anonymous letter. Disney, like our country, has been transformed into something unrecognizable by a small, radical, fringe minority of leftist lunatics. But we only have ourselves to blame.

The anonymous conservative Disney employees complained of a hostile work environment, in which they watched “quietly as [their] beliefs [came] under attack from [their] own employer.” They “watched as [their] leadership…expressed their condemnation for laws and policies [they] support” and they watched as their leftist colleagues “[grew] increasingly aggressive in their demands.”

But while the anonymous employees quietly watched, their radical leftist colleagues loudly and relentlessly acted. While the conservative Disney employees “kept [their] heads down and did [their] work without bringing [their] personal beliefs into the workplace,” their leftist colleagues “[promoted] their agenda and [organized] on company time.”

Tolerance gave the radical, fringe minority of intolerant, leftist activists the opportunity to transform both Disney and America and conservative silence and cowardice gave them courage and victory.

The irony of conservatism is that while we condemn victimhood, we make ourselves out to be victims. We call ourselves the ‘silent majority’ but act like the ‘silent minority.’

Disney employs nearly 200,000 people. How many of those employees participated in the walk out in protest of the Florida bill? Roughly 100. Still, that was 100 more people, who walked out in protest of the Florida bill, than were willing to walk out in support of the bill, or in objection to Disney’s embrace of leftist activism.

Had the anonymous conservative Disney employees organized, staged their own walkout, and listed their own demands, things may very well have turned out differently. Instead the conservatives submitted an anonymous letter lamenting Disney’s leftist activism.

I’m less upset that Disney caved to the demands of the Alphabet mafia, than I am upset that the anonymous conservatives didn’t even put up a fight.

Those employees, like the Alphabet mafia, could have mustered 100 men and women to walk out but they didn’t. They could have demanded that Disney support the Florida legislation but they didn’t. Instead, they wrote an anonymous letter.

Had the conservative employees countered their leftist colleagues and staged their own walk out, what would Disney have done? Fired the conservatives for protesting but promoted the Alphabet mafia, who did the same? If that had occurred, the conservative employees could have filed a class action lawsuit for discrimination.

The Alphabet mafia acted as if their victory was inevitable. The conservatives ensured this by accepting their defeat.

Rather than make a stand themselves, the anonymous Disney conservatives passed the buck. They were in a position to influence Disney’s decision directly, but instead asked others to stand up to Disney for them.

“You can only preach at or vilify your audience for so long before they decide to spend their money elsewhere,” warned the Disney conservatives in their anonymous letter to the top brass at Disney.

Fine, now you and I have to boycott Disney, which is only going to hurt the very Disney employees, who cryptically asked for our help. But I would have preferred to have supported a company that fought for our values.

Nevertheless, Disney has made its decision to wage a war against American values and our children and it is our duty to make them pay: stop visiting their theme parks, unsubscribe to Disney plus, and stop watching their movies and buying their products.

But we must learn the lesson from this. The left is fearless, intolerant, and determined. We must be too, unless we wish to see our country share the fate of Disney.

The left expects to win while conservatives expect to lose. We too must fight with the persistence and vigor that comes from a belief in inevitable victory.

We must fight like the left, lest we wish to live in the world the left fights to create. This is the Disney lesson.

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