It may sound like an echo from along time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but barely a matter of 4 months have elapsed since Americans were consistently winning, and winning big! Despite the leftist “pandemic”/panic, and all of the nightmarish lockdown abuses, Americans responded with resilience and tenacity, because they held genuine hopes that things would get better.

All of that began to change on the morning of November 4, not because President Trump had ostensibly lost the election, but as a result of the glaring leftist (and RINO) fraud and corruption, revealing a vast, coordinated effort to re-cast the election results in favor of the Biden cabal. In a surreal chain of events, the profound leads held by President Trump going into the early morning hours of the fourth were being systematically erased and negated, both on the voting machines, and among those individuals who were ostensibly doing the counting.

Since that time, a vast and brazen refusal to allow any legitimate auditing of the ballots and vote tallies has revealed a systemic determination to seize power from the American people, and deliver it into the hands of the leftist Democrat political machine. Currently, the sock-puppet being touted as the “leader” of this power structure is the doddering and demented Joe Biden. But who knows how long that will last?

Waiting in the wings is the pathologically unlikeable Kamala Harris, who couldn’t achieve even a modest showing in the Democrat primaries, but suddenly became the VP running mate on what is now shamelessly proclaimed to be the greatest “presidential” ticket of all time. At least that is what we would have to assume, if we were to believe all of the outlandish numbers that were concocted during the election theft.

In truth, Harris is where she is for only two reasons: race and gender. When the leftists were cooking up their 2020 election strategy, they wanted someone who could implement the most vile and onerous agenda without fear of opposition. By now the pattern has been fully established that the feckless GOP “Establishment” has no stomach for facing accusations of being racially bigoted or anti-woman, which will instantly be unloaded on anyone who dares to disagree with Harris.

At the moment however, the Biden cabal feels sufficiently emboldened to advance its agenda without yet having to risk the inevitable “bait and switch,” that will ensue whenever old Joe becomes too completely decrepit to keep up the pretense of being in control. But that moment will inevitably be upon us, just as surely as every other dangerous element of the leftist agenda. And not coincidentally, the goings on across America are lining up nicely (in the eyes of Democrats) to make it all happen.

The shooting in Boulder is just the latest of these. Somehow, when a resolute conservative is in the White House, real terrorists are the targets of federal agencies charged with protecting the American people. Yet the moment a leftist cabal worms its way into power, we start hearing all sorts of alarmism and warnings of “domestic terrorism” of “extreme right wing” organizations and people. Of course this government indifference to the real threats facing America opens the door for attacks by crazed monsters who, not surprisingly, never turn out to be “on the right.”

Of course the disaster in Boulder is competing for attention with a raging invasion of foreigners at the Nation’s southern border; another catastrophe that plays neatly into leftist plans to infuse America with literally millions of new “undocumented Democrats,” thereby making it that much easier to steal elections going forward. And once again, it is the unfathomable shamelessness of leftist Democrats and their Fake News parakeets that enables them to very publicly promote the policies that caused the havoc, while still pointing fingers of blame at President Trump as the supposed culprit.

It is fully predictable that other such upheavals will shortly ensue, each of which is solely intended to beat down the American people, while consolidating power within leftist ranks. Americans must be made to understand that their past mindset of freedom, justice, and opportunity for all was merely a hateful outgrowth of “White Privilege” or some such oppressive thinking, and that it the left will soon “fix” all of it by reducing the country to the squalor and despair of every other socialist “utopia.”

On the economic front, Ford Motor Company just announced that it is moving its proposed $900 million plant from Avon Lake Ohio to Mexico. This is a total reversal of policies undertaken during the Trump Presidency, when manufacturers were bringing companies, money, and livelihoods back to America. Predictably, the usual voices on the left will express “outrage and dismay,” but not enough to actually change anything.

This is the ugly reality of America’s future, if leftist Democrats are able to prevail. While their current situation remains a bit dicey, especially with so much lingering resentment over the election theft among those who still cling to their Bibles and their guns, the plan is to continue the propaganda relentlessly, while excoriating any who dispute it with ever escalating ferocity and venom.

Already, the GOP “Establishment” has happily reverted back to its role of playing “opposition party,” which only requires a periodic complaint, but no genuine consequential action. McConnell, McCarthy, and other presumed “prominent Republicans” are getting their share of face-time at the microphones, basking in the limelight while knowing they don’t have to accomplish a single thing in order to maintain their positions.

The real victims in all of this are, as always, the American people. It is their communities that continue to crumble, their jobs that continue to disappear, and their rights that are being trampled on an accelerating basis. Yet the “system” tells us it has the best people on the job, and to ignore any news that dares to contend otherwise.

In the long run, Americans will either maintain their freedoms and the blessings of the country for which they have been willing to fight, or they will get the “new normal,” if they are willing to settle for it. The left is gambling that “We the People” hold nothing more than a lingering affection within our hearts for the once great nation they are busily dismantling.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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