Most cover-ups occur after a scandal breaks, but in the case of discovered classified documents in President Biden’s home, office and garage the cover-up occurred early on – before the midterm election.

That’s when the White House learned of the secret documents stored in Biden’s office and home — and kept it a secret from the public until after the election.

Now it’s too late to tilt the election, but the scandal could affect Biden’s decision whether to run for a second term, and raises a number of troubling questions.

Will Biden announce his campaign for re-election now, while the scandal is red hot? Doubtful.

Was the leak of the investigation into the Biden classified documents timed to keep Biden from running? Who knows.

But there’s no doubt the Department of Justice and White House played politics with this. They waited months to disclose the discovery of the documents. Now we’re supposed to believe the White House will play it straight?

The embattled White House insists it’s being totally truthful and transparent. Yeah, the White House is being so transparent that they waited until after the midterm elections to disclose that the secret documents were found.

The FBI, meanwhile, is left to believe Biden that these are the only secret documents the former vice president took. Right. That’s like the police believing a meth dealer who says the only meth he cooked up was in the garage.

Those explanations won’t fly anymore.

Republicans may have looked like the keystone cops when selecting a speaker but they now have the ammo to torture Biden and come to Donald Trump’s defense.

They will ask the tough questions and demand answers about the discovery of secret documents at Biden’s home and garage that the Democratic media will not.

And Republicans will gleefully point out the hypocrisy of the media and FBI treating the secret documents found in Trump’s home as a criminal matter, while giving Biden a free pass.

Some of the excuses given for Biden by Democratic apologists are laughable.

It’s all been cooked up by Republicans.

It could have been a packing mistake. You know how packing is, things get thrown in by mistake.

The scandal has thrust Attorney General Merrick Garland and special counsel Robert Hur in an uncomfortable and difficult position. If they clear Biden of criminal charges, won’t they have to do the same thing with Trump?

“I am confident that Mr. Hur will carry out his responsibility in an even-handed and urgent manner and in accordance with the highest traditions of this department,” Garland said, quickly walking away and refusing to answer any questions.

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