A political commentator admits being shocked but not surprised a Southern university has hired a controversial figure to teach political science.

Campus Reform reports that MSNBC host Al Sharpton (pictured) will teach at Tennessee State University, beginning in January.

TSU President Glenda Glover says Sharpton is an “icon” who “brings wealth” to politics and who will offer “an amazing opportunity” for TSU students.

“Sharpton’s presence,” says Glover, “means students will be able to engage with a piece of history at a time when his insight is more relevant than ever before.”

Derryck Green of Project 21 questions, first of all, Sharpton’s teaching qualifications.

 “I just don’t think,” Green tells One News Now, “that even his professional experiences qualifies him to be in a classroom full of students.”

A spokesperson for the National Association of Scholars also questions the hiring of Sharpton, suggesting TSU “has now joined MSNBC and the Democratic Party … in [a] roster of shame” for being affiliated with Sharpton.

Campus Reform says Sharpton has a checkered past and has also been accused of being an anti-Semite and “race-baiter.”

Sharpton will teach “in the area of political science grounded in social justice.”

Green thinks that’s a bad combination.

“When people start listing political science with social and racial justice, you get things such as Critical Race Theory or intersectionality,” he warns. “And I think that just simply bogs down the teaching and understanding of certain subjects.”


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