The National Science Foundation has the mission of using taxpayer funds to promote science. But one critic says they’ve recently drifted to the left of that goal.

Last month alone, the NSF spent more than $3 million on social-justice themed projects to fight “implicit bias,” “lack of diversity,” and “microaggressions,” according to Campus Reform. Horace Cooper of Project 21 (The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives) says those terms simply involve targeting people based on their race or gender.

“The lesson of the civil rights movement is that every citizen is supposed to be treated equally, as compared to any other citizen, and certainly never to be treated favorably or unfavorably because of gender or race,” Cooper tells OneNewsNow.

An upcoming NSF-funded conference at Stanford University will be devoted to reviewing the scientific literature on the concept of implicit bias and to “identify fruitful directions for future work,” although Cooper believes that overall it is a misuse of public funds.

“These are supposed to be science-based grants and they should be encouraging innovations and creativity in science,” he says. “They are not doing that. In that sense, they are actually a misuse of the tax dollars.”

Also, the NSF is encouraging the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M to change its focus away from planes and spacecraft and instead “to emphasizing more modern applications, including energy systems, the environment, healthcare, and quality of life.”


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