Since Barack Obama became president, we have witnessed what happens when someone is elected to a job but is clearly not ready for that job. I’m not simply talking about a man who crumbles when his teleprompter goes on the fritz. It’s so much more than that. Obama has bashed his own country in an effort to gain favor with other nations. That didn’t work. He rammed through left-wing policies without building (or at least trying to build) a consensus. November gave us an indication of how well that went over. And now, the journey of Barack Obama is complete… completely clueless, that is. On Friday, Obama not only brought in former President Bill Clinton to explain the new tax deal, but then he left his own press conference! I guess he felt he was turning things over to the one person who knew what was going on.

Here’s the story… The current tax rates which apply to all Americans are set to go up at the end of the year. Despite having legislative control for two sessions, the Democrats waited until now, when they were forced to do something. As usual, they wanted to engage in class warfare and raise taxes on the so-called “rich” while keeping other levels the same. America was not going for it, and neither were the Republicans and some blue-dog Democrats.

Obama was forced to actually work with Republicans and come up with a deal that would maintain all current tax rates at least for a couple of years. Faced with backlash from the left and perhaps the growing realization that America is not a “community organizing” project, Obama once again gave us a reminder that he has no idea of how to be president. In one of the most surreal moments of the presidency, Obama called a press conference to explain the tax deal. But it wasn’t just HIS press conference. He also invited Bill Clinton to help explain.

The idea that Obama has to have back-up from a former president on a current legislative issue is bizarre enough, but then things really got weird. In the middle of the press conference, Obama bailed out. He took off. That’s right… Obama exited the building and left Clinton in control of the press conference. As you can imagine, Clinton didn’t complain.

Obama opened the press conference by already hinting that he might leave early, because he had “one more Christmas party to attend.” Are you serious? He calls a press conference about a national issue and is already telling reporters that he has to leave for a party. But, hey, that’s cool, because we’re in “good hands” with Bill Clinton at the helm. We are talking about the president of the United States, and he is looking less presidential and less in control with each passing day.

The reaction to the Obama press conference bailout has been one of stunned amazement. As reports, Mark Knoller, a White House Correspondent for CBS Radio, said, “”I don’t recall an episode like this before.”

Knoller has covered every president since Gerald Ford and added, “Former presidents have visited the WH on prior occasions for ceremonies or meeting, but I don’t recall any having the WH briefing room lectern turned over to them by the sitting president as happened today.”

In an article in the Bradenton Times, editor Dennis Maley found the whole event surprising, because, “For starters, President Obama is continuously criticized (sometimes unfairly) for a complete lack of experience. Reagan never handed the keys to Nixon, nor Clinton to Carter, and even W. never brought Daddy in to close out the show.”

Maley: What may have been less foreseen by President Obama’s team, however, was the stark contrast in what the military calls command presence. Seeing President Clinton in front of the microphone, deftly parrying the tough questions of the White House Press Corps, I couldn’t help but wish that the former Arkansas governor was doing more than consulting in these harrowing economical times.

Command presence. Some have it, and some don’t. America is learning the hard way that when you elect an ideologue with no executive experience (actually, no experience whatsoever), you get someone who is in over his head. That is Barack Obama. It is becoming quite apparent that the presidency is too much for him to handle. What’s he going to do during the 2012 presidential debates? Have Clinton sub for him?


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