Swedish police officers are too afraid to travel to and from a new police station being built for the Muslim no-go zone of Rinkeby.

Earlier this month, it was reported that plans for the new station in Järva near the largely immigrant Muslim neighborhood of Rinkeby were on effective hold because construction companies feared workers’ safety would be jeopardized.

“It’s too dangerous to build a police station in the area,” a number of police officers told Sweden’s public broadcaster SVT News at the time, on condition of anonymity.

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No new police station in Rinkeby – no one dares build it

There will be no new police station in the troubled immigrant suburb of Rinkeby in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Not right now anyway. The reason: no construction company dares to build it.

Rinkeby has been in the news several times recently. It was the scene of riots just after Trump had raised concerns about Sweden, and also the place of numerous attacks on journalists, including the 60 Minutes crew from Australia.

The old police station in Rinkeby was closed in the spring of 2014, but already a year later a decision was made to build a new station for a total of 240 police officers.

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