The United States Supreme Court is slated to decide whether transgenders in public schools will be allowed to use restrooms of their choice in public schools, as a 17-year-old girl who professes to be a boy presses her case to use the boy’s bathroom at a Virginia high school in a lawsuit that can affect Christian universities.

Gavin Grimm, who now considers herself a boy, is going up against the Gloucester County School Board in Virginia because she feels that her experience as a self-proclaimed male at public high school will not be complete until she is allowed to use the boy’s bathroom.

Private bathroom not enough

Even though the school did its best to accommodate her privilege-seeking requests by setting up a separate restroom on campus for the high school senior and other self-proclaimed transgenders to use during the school day, this was not enough for the confused teen, whose case has gone all the way to the highest court in the nation to determine the issue that outraged parents at her Virginia school.

“Parents complained after Grimm used the boy’s bathroom,” the pro-family organization 4 Winds Christian Athletics recounted in its press release. “In response, the school board required students to use restrooms corresponding to their biological gender, or use a private restroom.”

4 WINDS President Steve McConkey has fought the enforcement of transgenderism in athletics for years and recognizes the dangers of the LGBT agenda forcing its way into public life – a movement that is now reaching and affecting innocent and vulnerable children in America’s schools.

“The coming transgender Supreme Court ruling will have a domino effect,” McConkey argues. “If the Supreme Court rules in favor of allowing transgenders in any locker room of their choice, Christian universities will eventually be forced to allow transgenders on all teams, forcing our children to shower with transgenders.”

Not a civil rights issue

McConkey’s nonprofit group says that Title IX – which started out addressing a civil rights issue back in 1973 and worked to advance women in sports – is now being used to push the homosexual agenda, and puts children at risk of being violated in public school restrooms by sexual predators.

“Starting in 1973, Title IX allowed women to advance in sports,” the Christian youth sports ministry explained. “Education programs receiving federal funding could not discriminate against women.”

Three decades later in 2003, McConkey was the only person to challenge the decision by the International Olympic Committee that allowed transgenders in the Olympics.

McConkey opposed transgenders’ inclusion in order to protect women and children and other vulnerable athletes down the road.

“From there, the transgender movement spread to most state high school associations,” 4 Winds, which produces Big Planet Watch, reported. “McConkey has opposed the LGBT movement in sports, taking on the International and U.S. Olympic Committees, plus major sports leagues.”

LGBT ‘rights’ spawn out of civil rights

McConkey points out how politicians and legislators have managed to manipulate the system to make civil rights and equal access protections to work toward the advantage of the LGBT community, in the form of privileges not granted to other straight members of society.

“In 2014 under Obama’s watch, discrimination moved beyond male and female under Title IX, expanding to include gender identity,” the Christian leader noted. “Now, a person can use the bathroom of their choice, plus compete on any team they choose, too.”

Even students attending private higher education institutions – where many parents enroll their youth to be protected from Leftist campus politics that threaten and oppose the faith and Christian values of families — could be subjected to pro-LGBT transgender bathroom and locker room policies in the near future if the Supreme Court rules to forward the homosexual agenda in America’s public schools.

“Christian universities now have exemptions to Title IX’s transgender policies,”McConkey reminded parents before warning about the possible ramifications of the impending case and urging them to pray over the issue and warn others about the Leftist attack on youth and athletics. “LGBT activists are waiting on the Supreme Court’s transgender ruling to prepare lawsuits against Christian universities.”


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