What started out as a normal Friday at Charles Carroll High School in Philadelphia turned into another case of liberalism gone wild. A student wearing a Romney/Ryan t-shirt on “dress down day” was told by one of her teachers to either change her shirt or get out of her class. Now, the student is afraid to go back to school, AND… the teacher is still teaching.

As reported by NBC 10 in Philadelphia, 16-year-old Samantha Pawlucy wore a pink Romney/Ryan shirt to school. The day was like any other day until she went to her geometry class.

“The teacher told me to get out of the classroom, I said no,” Samantha said.

“She told me to take off my shirt and said that she has another one if I need one. And then the teacher asked me… ‘are your parents Republican?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ She said that’s like her wearing a KKK shirt.”

Samantha was so embarrassed by the public criticism in front of her classmates that she told her parents she didn’t want to return to school.

“I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t think it was right at all.”

In a later meeting, the teacher told Samantha and her parents that it was “just a joke.” What kind of joke is this? The teacher, who is black, compared the situation to her wearing a KKK shirt… and somehow that is just a joke? Come on!

View more videos at: http://nbcphiladelphia.com.

Fox News reports that the teacher, Lynette Gaymon, also said that the student cannot wear “a Republican shirt in a Democratic school.”

I don’t see how anyone can think it’s a joke when a teacher confronts a 16-year-old and is told that her shirt is as offensive as wearing a KKK shirt. Welcome to America’s school system.

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