Flying the American Flag upside down is a “signal of dire distress.” This is proper Flag etiquette, as stated within Section 8 – ‘Respect for the flag’ of the 1923 U.S. Flag Code U.S. Department of Defense. The section states:

           “The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”

We have been on the verge of America in distress since the Clinton Administration. I believed we stepped back from the edge during the two terms of Bush 43 but, the two terms of Obama reversed those repairs adding to and pushing past and pushed the damage by Clinton. Thankfully, Trump won and started the long process of returning America to the citizens.

Then came the organized election stealing of 2020. My elected representatives and senators, and others, in the nations’ capitol crumbled in the face of the false optics produced when Anti-Trump forces hijacked peaceful protest and the Goebbels propaganda blow horn media labeled it an “insurrection.”

Now, American is in the middle stages of becoming a totalitarian state as described in Orwell’s’ book “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (1984). When published in 1949, the Orwellian dystopian future resulted from three main elements — repressive regimentation, mass surveillance, and totalitarianism.

Currently the Democrats, and the progressives are forcing upon the population masks mandates, regular infection tests, shots, and booster shots, and shot passports. Plus, big media is preventing the presentation and discussion of counter viewpoints, as well as rewriting history to degrade American exceptionalism. Their ultimate solution is to use a person’s shot information to dictate where they can go, what they can do, and the services accessible. The result is a systematic infringement, removal of rights and freedoms. Soon, permission to go from your room to work will require approval from Big Brother. Repressive regimentation, check!

The strong arm, enforcer, henchmen, for the Democrats’ approved narratives are the Big Tech Social Media overloads. These are the CEOs and staff of Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tic-Tok. These are the businesses that use algorithms to skew search results towards approved information, and censoring user generated content that does not fit the approved propaganda narrative. Users that have had content blocked and/or suspended from social media platforms include Noble Laureates, researchers, well-educated professionals, a President, and people from all walks of life.

Democrats in the federal, state, and city governments are discussing applying image analysis and facial recognition software to identify people that do not wear masks. The FBI used these systems to identify peaceful protestors participating in the January 6th Trump Rally. They hunted protestors down, arresting over 500. Currently, sixty remain political prisoners being beaten and threatened by the guards, as well as the fact that their rights are being violated. Mass surveillance, check!

Soon after the steal was sealed for Biden, progressives on cable news channels called for the re-education of Trump supporters, including the government taking away their children to be re-education. One progressive advocated the destruction of Trump strongholds—elimination of Middle America. Immediately after the January 6th, 2021, peaceful protest Trump supporters became labeled “Domestic Terrorists.” Smeared by the pre-planned intrusion into the capitol rotunda by undercover bad actors. RINO’s like Cheney (R-Wy), Kinzinger (R-Il), and Bush 43 have aligned themselves with the Democrats. Supporting and echoing statements smearing Trump and his supporters by calling January 6th, 2021, the worst day in American history, and repeating the comparison of Trump supporters to terrorists.

This is politically divisive—Right versus Left. The Biden—Harris—Pelosi Cabal (BHPC) has purposefully manufactured more divisiveness by encouraging anti-establishment versus establishment, maskers versus anti-maskers, “vaccinated” versus “vaccine hesitate”, colored versus non-colored, women versus men, non-Christian versus Christian, illegals and refugees versus citizens, and alternative lifestyles versus traditional. Division makes the population easier to rule and a step closer to a totalitarian government.

Remember the Democrats are self-professed Socialist. History has clearly demonstrated that all Socialist governments evolve into totalitarian states. From day 1, The BHPC has ruled by edict and mandate as well as not being transparent, or honest nor benevolent to citizens. They have caused damage to “We the People” by stopping the completion of the southern border wall, destroying energy independence, executing a disastrous exit from Afghanistan and allowing illegals to cross the southern border unchecked. Before the election, Pelosi and the Democrats labeled every move by Trump as “tyrannical” and now label at least half of the citizens as “terrorists.” They made political prisoners of those people that are being held for being present on Capitol Hill on January 6th, 2021. Despite the FBI investigation finding “scant evidence” that an organized riot occurred.

This governing cabal has attempted to pass legislation that would federalize elections, ensuring predetermined election outcomes. Socialist tyranny is occurring as mask and shot mandates for citizens while the political ruling class, illegals and Afghani refugees are exempt. It is the old “rules for thee, not for me”. This is not new; the ruling class has exempted itself from many of the law’s citizens must obey for decades. They are flagrant about flaunting their exemptions and ignoring the mandates that they push. Our rulers want citizens to fear them and the power they weld. It is obvious when Biden or Pelosi speak and when the White House Press Secretary takes questions. This is tyranny! Totalitarianism, check!

Welcome to the early stages of Orwellian “Nineteen Eighty-Four” America. It is a quick trip to the full version. To stop this process, patriots need to stand-up at school board meetings, city council meetings, county board of supervisors’ meetings, and become politically active at all levels. Time to force transparency. Become more politically active than the progressives. Do not apologize to them. They will not accept it and will view it as a sign of weakness. It is pastime for patriots to stand up and work to change the course of the good ship USA preventing it from crashing onto the rocks of Socialism.

Work for change but prepare for the worse. Till we change back on to the right path, be bold and consider flying the flag union side down.

Garrett W. Lindemann, Ph.D. is a conservative having survived the liberalism of academia, life sciences, and the left coast. Professionally, he has worked and traveled in North American and Europe. Previous publications include peer-reviewed science articles and articles in medical and science magazines, one self-published book, and two film documentaries. He is the author of many white papers, and inventor or co-inventor on several patents.

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