Many readers initially believed that a writer was joking when she wrote that she believes kids should never play with water guns, but they soon found out that she was dead serious. Her Leftist agenda could be referred to as “water-gun control.”

In an article for, Lauren Levy expressed that a gun is a serious and powerful object that can and does destroy lives. Even if the toy guns colorful and provide a super-cool way to get wet and have fun in the summer, Levy argues that kids should not be playing with water guns because the act normalizes the real thing.

Meanwhile, Levy is not the only one who shares this opinion. Her mother did not allow water guns when she was a child.

“This water gun ban had nothing to do with water-shooting toys in general – though with four kids running around, it would’ve made sense that she didn’t want the water wars – and everything to do with her firm belief that guns are not toys,” Levy explained in her piece.

Lawrence Keane – who serves as senior vice president for government and public affairs and general counsel at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) – believes that Levy’s argument is absurd.

“When I first heard about this, I thought it was a piece on the satirical newspaper, The Onion,” Keane told OneNewsNow. “I think Miss Levy needs to go out and play a little bit more.”

When Keane was asked if water guns present an opportunity for parents to teach their kids about the real thing, he answered with an affirmative, “Yes.”

“You should teach your children about firearms safety at a young age, and that is really a decision for each parent to make within their family because only they know their child best – as to when the child is ready to receive and comprehend that information,” the firearms expert asserted. “But it doesn’t really take a whole lot of common sense for a child to understand the difference between an actual firearm and a squirt gun.”

Keane pointed out that his organization believes it is important for parents to practice firearms safety – particularly if they have firearms in the home.

“If they are not in use, they should be locked up and the ammunition stored separately, so they’re not accessible to unauthorized users – and that’s basic firearms safety,” he explained. “You would find that in any product manual, and as the industry’s trade association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has many, many firearms safety education programs to teach responsible firearms handling and storage.”

These programs include Project Child Safe, which is the largest firearms safety education program in the nation.

“We’ve been doing it for almost 20 years, and we’ve distributed over 37 million firearms safety education kits – including a free gun lock – in every state of the country, while partnering with over 15,000 law enforcement agencies as our distribution partner,” Keane informed. “The good news is that firearms accidents are at the lowest level they have ever been since record keeping began in 1903, while the number of firearms in civilian possession in the United States and the number of firearms owners in the United States has never been higher – and all this while children go out and play with squirt guns.”


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