Since Election Day, half of President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Twitter posts have been censored by the establishment media and other Big Tech giants who have demonstrated total allegiance to who the media has now crowned “President-elect Joe Biden” as of Saturday.

With the mainstream media essentially assuming the role of decision maker in the election results, major news hubs – such as ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC who cut off Trump’s election White House press conference Thursday after he accused Democrats of stealing the election (which Hillary Clinton has freely done the past four years and continues to do) – it has also seized the role as the social media gestapo … censoring any of Trump’s messages it doesn’t like.

This especially goes for what critics call a radical left propaganda machine – The New York Times – which published a Twitter post declaring that the declaration of the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election rests with the “News media.”

While Forbes reported 11 of 22 of Trump’s Twitter and Facebook posts were slapped with a tag as false – or censored altogether – announced that 17 of the president’s 37 posts, including his tweet, “STOP THE FRAUD!” were labeled as “misleading” or “disputed.”

Blatantly pro-Biden, anti-Trump

Ever since campaigning for the 2020 election began, anti-Trump coverage and censorship of the president’s messages have predominated virtually all media outlets, which – at the same time – have given Biden easy interviews that have appeared more as promotion pieces … while covering up every Biden scandal that comes up, including the Burisma scandal with incriminating emails exposing the former vice president and his son, Hunter Biden, for using political stature for personal gain.

“Biden appears free to tweet and speak completely unrestrained by the media, which has completely lost its credibility … crown[ing] Biden as the victor – despite what one would assume are numerous legal challenges ahead,” The Western Journal reported. “The media won’t give Trump a fair shake in its coverage.”

The media isn’t the only one that has used its influence to sway the election.

“Big Tech – which has shown that it is in the tank for the Democrats since long before Tuesday’s election – is doubling down on silencing the president,” the Journal noted.Bottom of Form “The heads of Google, Facebook and Twitter all testified before a Senate committee last week, but apparently attempts to force the San Francisco liberals to justify their previous acts of blatant censorship of the Biden family business scandal were toothless.”

It was also mentioned how numerous times, both Facebook and Twitter have prohibited Trump from speaking online without censoring his message, while they also regularly censor his posts, as well as those of family members or fellow administration officials.

Cutting Trump’s messaging in half

The two top social media giants have been busy at work undermining Trump’s election messaging, calling his posts erroneous claims and false assertions – such as when he insisted the election is fraudulent.

“Of Trump’s 22 posts on Facebook and Twitter – not including retweets or videos – 11 have been labeled by the social media giants,” Forbes divulged. “Twitter has hidden posts from view and warned ‘some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process,’ and restricted the ability to like or retweet.”

When Trump wrote “ANY VOTE THAT CAME IN AFTER ELECTION DAY WILL NOT BE COUNTED!” on Facebook Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg’s left-leaning tech giant quickly seized it and sent out a message contradicting the president’s post.

“Final results may be different from the initial vote counts, as ballot counting will continue for days or weeks after polls close,” Facebook told its users.

In addition, it was reported that Twitter labeled tweets from Trump and his aides, with one label hiding all of the president’s tweet from view with the message, “Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.”

What Twitter patrons were prohibited from reading or retweeting was Trump’s Thursday morning tweet saying, “All of the recent Biden-claimed States will be legally challenged by us for Voter Fraud and State Election Fraud. Plenty of proof – just check out the Media. WE WILL WIN! America First!” Twitter took away user’s ability to retweet this message.

What the media is and isn’t reporting

As the media continues to portray Trump supporters as a militant mutiny, while casting violent leftist “social justice” rioters and looters shooting cops and destroying businesses as “peaceful protesters,” it is avoiding much coverage of the president waging legal battles contesting large-scale voting irregularities that saw millions of votes disproportionally pouring in for Biden after midnight on Election Day … with only a trickle coming in for Trump.

“Trump is being undercut with his ability to manage his messaging or to counter liberal narratives, which could be crucial [at] this point – even though the votes have already been cast,” The Western Journal explained. “Trump’s inability to speak freely is a major problem in a climate where public trust of institutions is at a low point.”

Even though a massive public outcry across the nation has been made over the handling of ballots in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia, this has been made into a moot issue by the mainstream media that has supported Biden unconditionally since day one … and is eager to replace Trump in the White House.

Also, little to nothing has been said about secretive Democratic-run polling stations in election-deciding states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, which have prohibited volunteers for the Republican Party from observing the vote count – with many asking, “What do they have to hide?”

Flying in the face of Democrats’ allegations about Trump and Republicans “suppressing the vote” in their continued messaging inciting racial tensions, the 2020 election saw historic voting activity, and the media refuses to let the presidents’ supporters hear from him regarding the status of election results.

“Voters showed up in record numbers to cast ballots for the president on Tuesday, and two days later, as the integrity of the bedrock principle of clean voting has taken a hit in many minds, some of those voters are not being permitted to hear the country’s sitting president speak without the Big Tech’s restraints,” the Journal recounted. “If Democrats and the leftist institutions they run truly cared a lick about election integrity, then the president’s inability to speak unfiltered must be of bipartisan concern.”

But those merely demanding a fair election are being ignored and left in the dark.

“The president is expressing valid complaints, and in an act of election interference, he’s being undermined,” the Journal concluded. “The integrity of American elections is actively being questioned by countless Americans, and so is a perceived coordinated effort to silence messages about it from the leader of the Free World. Many voters rightly don’t trust the media, and they don’t trust Silicon Valley, which is essentially telling them Trump can’t be trusted to speak to them without them acting as his editor – leav[ing] Americans desperate for truth during a contested election in a precarious position. Where are people supposed to turn to for information?”


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