The New York Times is reportedly launching a whole new team that will be focused on finding financial irregularities on President Trump and his administration.

Ever since Bob Woodard, Carl Bernstein, and The Washington Post brought down President Richard M. Nixon in 1974, the unspoken goal of mainstream news outlets has been to duplicate that feat – at least with Republican presidents, according to Scott Whitlock of Media Research Center.

“They declared war on Donald Trump from the very beginning,” he tells OneNewsNow. “And they weren’t successful defeating him for the presidency – so now they’ve clearly made it their mission to destroy him as president.”

According to Fox Business, the newly minted special NYT unit appears to be media’s latest effort toward that objective. Reporters in that unit will be focusing on the business dealings of Donald Trump and his Cabinet – which is heavy with former Wall Street executives.

Whitlock says it’s still a case of sour grapes. “What we have here with the New York Times – and frankly with other journalists – is not just opposition, but is frothing rage,” he describes.

But Gary Bauer of American Values says it looks more like an organized effort from progressives looking to take down the president.

“There’s a lot of buzz in town on the Left that they think they can prevent Donald Trump from finishing his first term,” he shares.

Bauer, who is based in the DC area, adds that he sees opposition to the president around almost every corner – from Democratic obstructionism at the Capitol, to staged disruptions of Republican town halls, to Hollywood, to an activist former president who refuses to leave Washington.

“The Left, wherever it exists – in the media, in the popular culture, on the courts of the country, in academia – is going to create controversy and say to the American public that Once again, the Trump/Pence administration has mishandled something.”

And, he says, they have the energy and financing to keep up the attacks for as long as it takes.


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