Joe Biden, despite his dodderiness, insists he’s up for a second term as president, but the record shows he’s a man of semi-retired status.

According to the Daily Caller:

President Joe Biden spent nearly 40% of 2022 in Delaware, Camp David and vacation destinations.

A Daily Caller analysis of Biden’s 2022 public schedule shows that the president spent 92 days or partial days at one of his Delaware properties, and 32 days or partial days at Camp David.

Biden also vacationed seven days in South Carolina, five days in Nantucket, and five days in the U.S. Virgin Islands, bringing his total getaway days to a total of 141, or 38.6% of his first full calendar year.

Past presidents have also taken getaway trips to their favorite locations, including Donald Trump traveling to Mar-a-Lago and New Jersey, Barack Obama to Martha’s Vineyard and George W. Bush to his Texas ranch.

Biden’s numbers, however, are on track to outpace every president, CNN reported, using data compiled by former CBS White House Correspondent Mark Knoller.

Seems President Trump was right again, and his bestowed monicker “Sleepy Joe Biden” was more than a mean tweet.

The old dotard spends nearly half his time as president dandling his grandchildren on his knees, lying back in the Barcalounger, skinny dipping for the edification of the Secret Service, pulling his dog’s tail, staring into space blankly as he does on the job, or falling off his bike.

He’s not a president. He’s a semi-retired diddler who dabbles in the presidency, taking up playing the role of president from time to time, between stretches on Rehoboth Beach or St. Croix.

Not surprisingly, he always seems to be someplace else whenever the country experiences a real crisis. It could be record cold, a supply chain failure, soaring gas prices, or a monstrously failed military pullout in Afghanistan. Whenever a president is needed, Old Joe is a president who’s intellectually asleep at the dog tracks if not outright AWOL. He’s even asleep at times when he’s on the job.

It goes without saying that the U.S. deserves something better. Untold mischief has been plotted and executed abroad, from Iran, Russia, North Korea, and China, likely with full knowledge that the lights are out at the White House. What’s more, Biden seems convinced that all he needs to do is say he’s doing a good job, and that will assure the inflation-battered Americans struggling with high gas and food prices, a baby formula shortage, a supply chain crisis, a collapsing stock market, falling wages, battered 401(k)s and outrageously woke public schools that all’s fine and dandy with Joe at the helm.

If any normal employee at any functioning corporation were to have a CEO, or even line worker with those work habits, the company would understandably go under. But Biden tells us he’s doing a good job, a job so good he deserves a second term.

It’s sad stuff, given that with the death of Pope Benedict XVI two days ago, we learned of a genuinely good and self-aware Church leader who understood that his faculties were fading, and had the common sense to resign for the sake of the Church, putting it in the hands of someone more vigorous. No such luck for the United States with doddering Joe Biden, whose taste for power clouds fuels his belief that he deserves to stay in power, on vacay or not on vacay, for another six years.

He must be convinced he’s got the 2024 election rigged. One can only hope he’s utterly wrong.

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