Satanists in Massachusetts have announced plans to start after-school clubs in elementary schools across America.

The Associated Press reports the Satanic Temple has contacted nine public school districts in the U.S. this week seeking to start after-school Satan programs – and that in eight of those districts, Child Evangelism Fellowship operates after-school Good News Clubs.

Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel says Satanists have the same rights as Christian groups to use the school facilities for their meetings. However, he says at this point he’s not overly concerned about the Satan clubs.

“I think … this is more of a media splash than it is reality,” he says. “I frankly don’t think they will be successful. And I don’t think anyone is going to come to this group’s meetings, or certainly I don’t think the group will stay around very long.”

Staver says the Satanists’ sole purpose seems to have schools ban the Child Evangelism Fellowship clubs from meeting after school.

“The goal of this so-called Satanist club is not really to meet on campus,” he tells OneNewsNow. “It’s to cause a stir, to throw up dust and to stop the Good News Clubs that are sponsored around the country by Child Evangelism Fellowship, which Liberty Counsel represents. We’ve never lost a case with regards to these Good News Clubs, and they just simply don’t like it.”

The Satanists say their goal isn’t about promoting the worship of the Devil but about promoting scientific rationality, which they believe provides the best measure of reality over religion.

AP identifies the districts targeted by the Satanic Temple’s efforts as being in Missouri, Maryland, Georgia, California, Florida, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Arizona.


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