After Rutgers University professor of Education Catherine Lugg took to social media and accused the GOP and Fox News of being “existential threats” to the United States, she tweeted that gun rights advocates are “gun/Moloch worshippers” belonging to a “death cult.”

Her brazen condemnation of anyone with a conservative or biblical worldview on social issues are not only reflected in her teachings, but in her Twitter posts.

“[Lugg] is but the latest example of an academic who feels it appropriate to discard all sense of decorum on social media in order to bash a sizable segment of the American public,” The College Fix reported.

Promoting partisan politics from the lectern

The pro-LGBTQ faculty member blocked a follower after he exposed her anti-conservative tweets and calling her out for bigotry, and now she only allows followers who pass her scrutiny for endorsing far-left political ideals.

“Be very careful what university you pay to send your kids to,” Robby Starbuck tweeted Monday. “Think she will treat a Republican student fairly?”

He was referring to her tweet about Fox News and those belonging to the Republican Party.

“At this point, Fox is openly fascist,” Lugg tweeted last Friday. “They and the GOP are existential threats to the USA.”

Shooting down guns

As a member of Rutgers’ Department of Educational Theory, Policy and Administration, she then took aim at gun rights advocates – condemning them as immoral pagans.

“She’s followed up her tweet by claiming that folks who disagree with her tweet calling the 2nd Amendment a death cult are worshippers of Moloch – a Canaanite false god who demanded child sacrifice,” Starbuck noted on Twitter. “Again, she teaches @RutgersU. Vile bigotry in my opinion.”

As a staunch gun control activist, she calls herself on Twitter a professor “who studies the politics of public schooling, in particular, the queer civil rights movement …”

Earlier this month, the progressive professor took another shot at U.S. citizens who support the right to bear arms and protect themselves.

“At this point, I don’t think ANY civilian should own/have access to any fire arms [sic], period,” Lugg posted on November 14, calling the Second Amendment “insane.” “No other country indulges in an 18th century death cult.”

She went as far as to call for a repeal of the Second Amendment.

“The U.S. Constitution must NOT be a suicide pact,” Lugg tweeted.

The College Fix’s Dave Huber commented on her Twitter tirade.

“Give her some credit here – at least she realizes a repeal is the only (legal) means by which gun rights can be eliminated,” Huber wrote.

Politicking from the podium

Even though the Democrats’ Russian collusion narrative targeting President Donald Trump was debunked earlier this year, Lugg still holds to the theory – touting is as a fact to support her leftist political rant.

 “I have long argued that the U.S. has been a crypto-fascist republic,” she tweeted November 22. “Given the Soviet purchase of the GOP and some members of the Dems, we are sliding towards the real thing.”

Her use of a term that has been obsolete for the last three decades was criticized.

“Lugg actually wrote ‘Soviet’ instead of ‘Russian’ in her tweet; good thing she doesn’t teach politics or history,” Huber noted.

She unabashedly touts her LGBTQ activism on campus and in the classroom on her Rutger’s faculty page, which touts her service on the editorial and review boards Routledge Critical Studies in Gender and Sexuality in Education.”

“Lugg, faced with adversity associated with the time’s hostile social and political climate, remained dedicated to advancing the national dialog surrounding queer matters in education,” the vocal Democratic professor’s faculty description at New Jersey university reads. “In 1996, Lugg joined the Rutgers GSE faculty as an assistant professor of education where she would continue to leverage her position to call attention to and improve the educational experiences of LGBT youth.”

It appears Lugg’s instruction in the classroom is anything but nonpartisan.

“For teachers-to-be who actually want to do their jobs (you know, convey knowledge of subject matter), Lugg might not be the best choice when it comes to course selection – if the title of one of her articles is any indication: ‘Educating for political activism and subversion: The role of public educators in a Trumpian age,’” Huber pointed out.

Other ultra-leftists from Rutgers were listed off to give an idea of the political climate on campus.

“Prof. Lugg must feel right at home among other Rutgers, er, luminaries such as Brittney ‘Time is Racist’ Cooper, James ‘I Hate White People’ Livingston, Jasbir ‘Israel Harvests Organs from Palestinians’ Puar, Kyla ‘Sex Difference is Itself a Racial Structure’ Schuller, and Ruth ‘I’ve Come to see [the presidency] as [Hillary’s] Destiny’ Mandel,” Huber assured.


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