When looking at reaction following President Trump’s State of the Union address, I figured there would be nasty reaction from the left. What I didn’t count on was just how far liberals and Democrats will go to bash not only Trump, but the very essence of America. Just look at what these people are saying…

In his first State of the Union address, Trump outlined a message of strength and hope, and he also pointed to historic economic gains. Yet the strong stand against ISIS, the end of the Obamacare mandate, the tax cuts that are are being felt across the country, the record low unemployment, the record high stock market were not enough to get the Democrats off their rear ends during the speech. What’s worse, the left seems to live in a totally different America than the rest of us do.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid tweeted this gem last night:

Take your time and read it again. Apparently, church, family, and the national anthem are bad things. These symbols of America are more than “tropes.” They are institutions and actions that represent the good part of America. Reid also disparagingly mentions the police and military as if to mention them in a speech is somehow catering to the low elements of society. Wrong.

Church, family, and patriotism are not part of some “bygone era.” They are part of the fabric that makes this country great.

Later, Reid followed up by tweeting this:

So people who defend American values are now relegated to the “witching hour.” Like zombies… they can come out for a bit as long as they go away??? Everyone in this country should defend faith and family… not attack it.

As posted this morning on GOPUSA, Democrats who attended the State of the Union address seemed confused on what they should oppose… now matter how good it really is for all Americans:

Democrats’ confusion over when to stand was on full display when Mr. Trump suggested Americans should stand for the National Anthem. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stood and tapped her hands together, looking around at her colleagues still sitting and giving them a quick shrug.

As Liz Wheeler of One America News noted, here are some of the items Democrats didn’t applaud:

Here’s another priceless one from Democrat Sen. (I want to be an American Indian) Elizabeth Warren:

Question? What’s the gut punch? Is it the low unemployment, the tax breaks being passed along to workers by those evil corporations, or maybe the fact that retirement plans are growing and growing. Lots of gut punches, eh?

It’s hard to comprehend the level of disdain the left has not only for Trump but also for the values that represent America.

I’m not sure what is more satisfying: the actual results of Trump’s first year in office or the absolute meltdown that’s being displayed by the left because of those results. I’ll take my church, family, military, and national anthem… thank you very much.

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