Despite the mainstream media’s failure to cover numerous scandals involving Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), one report itemizing her alleged crimes asserts she has pulled off the “worst string of felonies committed by a congressperson in United States history.”

Contending that most of the mainstream media buries and refuses to touch the facts that should submerse the Muslim lawmaker in a heap of scandals, PJ Media journalist David Steinberg has been verifying her unscrupulous dealings that he indicates should result in her removal from office.

Denies relationship one month, marries the next …

After denying a relationship with a political consultant to whom she funneled more than half a million dollars one month, she married him the next.

“Filings with the Federal Election Commission show Omar’s campaign paid Tim Mynett or his firm nearly $600,000 since July 2018,” The Associated Press (AP) reported in March.

Even though the marriage license filed in April in Washington, D.C., shows Mynett’s name on it, Omar omitted his name on her announcement on Instagram of her new marriage – complete with a picture of her and a bearded man smiling while showing off their wedding rings.

“Got married!” Omar’s Instagram post reads. “From partners in politics to life partners, so blessed.”

But University of Minnesota politics professor at its Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Larry Jacobs, maintains that Omar’s constituents have good reason to seriously question her suspicious handling of the situation.

“Remember, the story began with her denying a relationship, and now she’s marrying that person,” Jacobs pointed out, according to AP. “I think there are legitimate questions that constituents might ask about whether Congresswoman Omar has been fully truthful in her discussion of this relationship, and the nature of her marriage to a previous husband [whom Omar divorced last fall].”

Married her brother before her consultant?

And in a series of reports on the Squad member – who is often criticized for her anti-Semitic and anti-American statements – verifiable evidence proving she committed multiple felonies through her previous marriage is given.

“Not only did she commit marriage fraud by marrying her brother, but within that relationship, she also committed immigration fraud, student loan fraud and tax fraud,” TheBlaze noted about the series on Omar it published.

Nearly four years ago – before she was elected to office – confirmation that the Somali refugee-turned-congresswoman broke the law was published and made public … but Democrats, the mainstream media and voters looked the other way.

“On Aug. 12, 2016, Minnesota journalist Scott Johnson published proof that Omar was legally married to a British citizen. Johnson also published compelling evidence that the same man is Omar’s sibling,” Steinberg listed off in his report. “The husband’s name – Ahmed Nur Said Elmi – was the immediately apparent red flag. Online and in public, Omar had been referring to her father as Nur Said.”

Omar’s deletion of evidence to cover it up has also been documented.

“Shortly after the publication of Scott Johnson’s article, posts on Omar’s verified social media accounts that identified her father as ‘Nur Said’ were deleted,” Steinberg noted. “Several additional rounds of deletion have occurred in the three years since.”

Some of the alleged criminal intent behind the illegal marriage to a family member was also revealed.

“Rep. Omar’s 2009–2017 marriage appears to have been an attempt to facilitate immigration fraud, student loan fraud and several other serious crimes,” the PJ Media investigative reporter uncovered. “No other explanation, reasonable or otherwise, which takes all of the verified public evidence into account has been offered by Rep. Omar – or anyone else.”

He also noted how he published a report in January visiting the motives behind Omar’s open-borders agenda and vehement opposition to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – and it appears the lawmaker’s supporters want those exposing radical Democrat silenced.

“The FBI had shared evidence of Omar’s massive legal exposure with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Dept. of Education inspector general,” Steinberg disclosed. “Since then, an original 2016 source of Scott Johnson’s reporting came forward in the U.K. outlet Daily Mail, despite previous threats against his safety. He received additional threats immediately thereafter.”

Sorting out Omar’s relationships

Last summer, Omar was also questioned about her and her alleged lover’s involvement in their extramarital affair.

“A relationship between Omar and Mynett was publicly alleged in August – when Mynett’s then-wife, Beth Mynett, filed for divorce and accused her husband and Omar of having an affair,” AP recounted. “In response, Tim Mynett filed his own court document denying that he told his wife he was in love with Omar and was ending his marriage to be with the congresswoman.”

Yet, when WCCO-TV questioned Omar in August whether she was separated from her then-husband, Ahmed Hirsi, or dating someone else, she replied, “No, I am not,” and she has refused to discuss her personal live ever since.

However, just a few months after her denial, her divorce proceedings were completed.

“In October, she filed for divorce from Ahmed Hirsi, citing an ‘irretrievable breakdown’ in the marriage,” AP informed. “That divorce was finalized in November.”


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