The first-ever press conference by President Joe Biden showed a president who used prepared notes to call on reporters and to stay on message but who paused mid-sentence to gather his thoughts and appeared to lose track of his words.

Thanks to the real-time reaction on social media, in particular Twitter, reporters and political activists reacted with alarm as the 78-year-old answered what appeared to be pre-selected questions from pre-selected White House reporters.

“Why does Biden need to read his answers?” demanded Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

“It looks like he’s reading from his Qs and As on North Korea. No one does this,” commented Ari Fleischer, the press secretary for President George W. Bush.

“How weak is this guy?” he further asked.

Penny Nance, who leads Concerned Women for America, wrote that Biden appeared to be reading his comments about the Senate filibuster, too. “Common man,” she commented.

“What just happened?” journalist Emily Miller asked after Biden stopped talking mid-sentence, paused for several seconds, then said, “Anyway…”

“To be fair,” wrote Todd Starnes, referencing a flub by the President, “Biden does not look bad for a 120-year-old man.”

The reporters’ questions were often framed to push Biden to deliver an answer from a liberal viewpoint, such as one reporter reminding Biden that President Obama has denounced the filibuster as a Jim Crow-era rule.

Picking up that hint, Biden predictably went on to criticize the filibuster which led to a flurry of fact-checking comments that pointed out his own political party has utilized it when it benefitted them.

“[Biden] has adamantly defended and engaged in many, many filibusters,” wrote Guy Benson. “His party is currently on a six-year filibuster streak.”

“His party did it hundreds of times in the last four years,” commented attorney Harmeet Dhillon.

Reacting to the press conference itself, radio show host Buck Sexton said Biden is reading his answers and throwing in “hackneyed lines” he has memorized to “spice up” his rehearsed answers.

“If our DC press corps were not comprised almost entirely of fraud,” Sexton wrote, “they might find this odd.”

“No wonder they have been hiding him,” summarized Fox News analyst Lisa Booth.

After working down the list of reporters, Biden ended the press conference abruptly. “Folks, I’m goin,” he told the press corps.

Notice the differences?

“I’m sure that everybody noticed the difference in treatment by the liberal media of President Biden from how they would treat President Trump. From the very moment he walked into the White House, President Trump – when he held a press conference – could not finish a sentence without the reporter arguing with him or contradicting him. This press conference, for the most part, sounded like White House staff asking the president questions.”

“Halfway through [Biden] sounded exhausted. Many, many people in Washington are observing that not only is there a marked difference in the president’s physical health, but also [a noticeable difference] in his ability to articulate and to be spontaneous in discussing issues than there was just four or five years ago.”

Gary Bauer, chairman
Campaign for Working Families
(in an interview with One News Now)


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